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TweetDeck - A Must Have Application for Tweeters As some of you know I am starting a series of "Getting to know Twitter" blogs.  One of the things that stood out most to me was that there are a lot of new Tweeter in the real estate business.  As if getting rid of the mls books wasn't hard enough ...
With the all the hype for the end of the $8,000 tax credit I am always addressed with questions that seem to have an easy answer but apparently the message may not be getting across clearly.  This is a great video I came across today that I thought explained it in that elementary school style we ...
This is another great video on mortgage interest rates and how they affect the payments and amount paid over the life of the loan.  These videos remind me of the old "School House Rocks" videos without the music.  If you need assistance finding a lender to help explain the mortgage process to you...
What an awesome idea @RealEstateZebra had for a REBarCamp theme song.  I am sure there have a been a boat load of great photos taken and videos that have been created at REBarCamps over the past year.  I would love to see what everyone has put together and vote on an official REBarCamp theme song...
Almost a year after the federal government launched its rescue of the housing market, nearly one in four new mortgages is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Eighty percent of the FHA mortgages for purchasing homes went to first-time buyers drawn to the FHA's low-down payment requireme...
Now the fun begins!  We have just secured the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors building for this years RE Bar Camp.  We are so excited to announce that REBCRDU will be November 6th 2009 in Cary NC at One Eleven Realtor Way.  Join us for an action packed day of learning about Facebook, Tw...
This story is taken from - It would seem that a Cary resident is quite upset with the Town of Cary and has decided to get his message across loud and clear.  Mind you, this home is on a busy thoroughfare so, yes, the message is seen by hundreds daily!  You will have to click on the story...
  Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Swift Creek Shopping Center Raleigh, North Carolina 27606 (919) 859-3555     Barry's Cafe is famous in our neck of the woods, but I got to thinking with so many new people moving into Raleigh and Cary NC it's time spread the word online about Barry's Cafe a...
Following on from Missy Caulk's post highlighting HUDs announcement that First Time Buyer's can take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit - I wanted to share an experience from one of my contacts WHO ALREADY GOT THIS CREDIT AND USED IT TOWARDS HER DOWNPAYMENT AND CLOSED LAST WEEK ! I know there are...
If you qualify for an MCC, you will be able to claim 20% of the interest you pay on your mortgage as a credit on your federal income taxes. You can save up to $2,000 per year on your federal taxes, money that can be put toward your mortgage payment.

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