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What is that saying when things come together and just seem to be a perfect match? Oh yeah, A Marriage Made in Heaven. That is how I feel about Boot Camp 4 Real Estate and Boot Camp 4 Social Media It is time for small business owners to realize the world is married to Social Media and you need to...
Happy Twitter Tuesday!  Tweetlister is the Twitter Treat of the week! My 2 year old loves Tuesdays.  It is amazing that at such a young age we can get used to routine and expect the same things to occur at the same time.  Every morning when we drive to daycare she tells me what they are going to ...
Interested in taking advantage of the $8000 Tax credit and have questions on how it works?  This is a video produced and distributed from the IRS...     For more information and to take advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit in the Triangle NC market give us a call today at 919-387-4100 or email us fo...
$3.95/month with FREE Domain name, unlimited space, unlimited email, wordpress plugin and more... (the more is over my head because I'm not that tech savvy:) I have recently been setting up a website for the Social Media training that I am doing and my WordPress blog.  I did a lot of research and...
Is it a confession if I am reblogging?  HUM?!?! Ok...I have a confession to make: I am a Tweetaholic.  More than that, I'm a BAD Tweetaholic.  I don't mean that I'm highly addicted to social networking (although that is certainly true).  I mean that I am guilty of using Twitter incorrectly.  Yup....
Subprime loans are great for the economy, look what they did for the housing boom of a few years ago. Without those subprime loans we couldn’t have had the boom that we did and the stock market couldn’t have gotten to where it was. I’m told every day that we should have never done a single subpr...
This is a question I have heard several times recently. Two most recent times that stood out were by "Social Media Experts" in the real estate industry.The first was in a social media training hosted by our local Board of Realtors. The instructor was speaking about things like Facebook, Linkedin...
What is the Twitter thingy anyway?  And "what does THAT have to do with real estate?"  There is a large number of top real estate professionals using Twitter so there must be something to this Tweeting right?   It seems like there is a big divide between the agents that just "get it" and use Twi...
Great Buy at only $105,000 and ALL closing costs paid. Call today for a private viewing or information on how to get a video to market your home. Make video montages at
As many of you know I am starting a series of blogs to hopefully encourage more of you to take advantage of Twitter. I have found from the repsonse to my first couple of posts that there are a lot of new Tweeters and even more still exploring the option. I am working on a blog post for morning ex...

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