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We would like to invite you to ourNew Homes for Newlyweds Seminaron February 16th at 1:00pmor February 23rd at 6:30pmWe will cover everything you need to knowabout purchasing your 1st home,refinancing your current home,and preparing your home for sale.We will also be discussing thenew mortgage en...
Wake Forest NC is one of ONLY 73 towns in the entire United States to achieve a Triple A rating from Standard & Poor's.  Pretty impressive, isn't it?  How did we attain that designation? Wake Forest NC is a consistent contributor to the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan statistical area's deep and divers...
NewBridge Bank has has acquire the business operations of Bradford Mortgage, a subsidiary of Winston-Salem-based ACM Financial Trust Inc. The acquisition includes the purchase of select assets including the name "Bradford Mortgage" and closed on Dec. 31. Terms were not disclosed. Bradford Mortgag...
Ya'll - I just HAD to share this video I found!  This chick is crazy but is spot-on with her assessment of Customer Service!  It's About The Principle of the Matter! "Automated Voice Menu Thing-A-Ma-Jiggers".......They ONLY recognize Happy Voices!" "It Knows When Your Angry, It Knows When You've ...
Google me this? Most of us have heard about Google 411. You can call 1-800-goog-411 and for free you can get information on businesses including addresses, phone and even get them to email you a map. This is a great service. I was reading www.varbuzz.comand there was a post about Texting Google s...
This comment, which appeared over the weekend on a featured post made me extremely uncomfortable: "One of my nasty little tricks is to coach Realtors to ask my competition to explain APR as a knowledge test."  Okay, everyone, let's not use hidden agendas when we connect. Why not? Because "nasty l...
This video is so friggin funny.  We have a lot of short sales in our office and we work with a large number of investors.  As sarcastic as this video appears there is so much truth in it.  The banks wonder why they have so many of their properties sitting on the market.  It may be because this is...
Today was a dreary day. I lacked motivation so I found a poem and a video to help me get back on track. It's the Journey that's Important... by: John McLeod Life, sometimes so wearying Is worth its weight in gold The experience of traveling Lends a wisdom that is old Beyond our 'living memory' A ...
As funny as this video is it is also sad to see watch.  I am relatively active in most of the major social media sites and often find agents pushing their services and houses on people in their social network.  As you watch this video think about how important it is to listen and what we could le...
I am totally speechless this week that I posted a simple Tweet to Twitter... "Hey anyone in graphic design want to play around with a logo creation?"  Not only did I get a response I got several all submitted for FREE!  And the winner is....                             These were submitted by a l...

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