Twenty years ago today Tim Berners-Lee authored "Information Management, a Proposal". What is that you ask?  That was the start of distributed hypertext system, what we know as the web.  It took a couple of more years for a demo and the middle of the 1990's and two additional people(Jim Clark and...
The Folsom real estate market is almost like two markets. It is divided by the foreclosed properties and the non-foreclosed properties. The activity for them are different.   Total Homes Non-Foreclosed Foreclosed Number For Sale 194 172 22 Months of Inventory 5.5 9.6 1.3 Average Price/Sq Ft $181 ...
If you have a lot of old jewelry sitting around that you don't use, you might want to check this event out. The gift shop "Lil' Treasured Gifts" located at 1179 Riley Street(across from the aquatic center) in Folsom California will be having a "cash for gold" event on February 22, from 1-4pm.  Fo...
Yesterday, I was setting up homes that I wanted to preview for a certain client.  Out of the eight homes, all were vacent, with one requesting a call to the listing agent. I called the agent, and I mentioned I would be previewing the home(a short sale), and was informed how to get into the home. ...
Ok, so its not officially called "The Dam Bridge", but that will end up being its nickname.  Officially the Folsom Lake Crossing is due to open March 28, 2009.  That day is supposed to be its Grand Opening, with a fun filled community festival says the City of Folsom. For those of you not living ...
So here's the story.  I have been blogging for about a year on my own blogs, FolsomCorner and FolsomPrairie.  And I have to say I enjoy it.  Now they are not as fancy or perhaps in-depth as a lot of the ones you see, but I feel as though I inform and give my opinion(I am very good about giving my...

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