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                                                   November is here and with it some of the best deals I have seen in a long time.  This week at WestCoast Home Inspection we inspected some absolutely great real estate deals.  I as usual ran all around western Washington from Bellevue to Lacey, al...
With October slipping away we all start another week. "This one seems to bring with it some rather nasty weather" I am thinking as I stand on top of another roof.  Last week was beautiful and even afforded me some late season golf; sadly this week is back to fall reality.  I hope everyone got sta...
 Another week has past and what a beautiful week it was. I can't remember a nicer October.  With the sun shinning I had a great week.  Condo's, mobile homes, town houses and even a horse property kept me busy but the nice weather also afforded me the opportunity to complete some home maintenance ...
 My daughter Rachael is now eighteen years old and yes that makes me feel old.  She has secured her first job over the summer and has been saving religiously for her first car.  I told her I would match her dollar for dollar and this week she saved enough to start shopping.  We have looked at use...
 Monday-Monday, can't believe that another week has gotten away from me.  Last week was very interesting in the world of WestCoast Home Inspection.  We had our normal houses from Spanaway to Bellevue and almost everything in-between but two things really stuck out.  One went directly into my "Nev...
It was a great week in the world of WestCoast Inspections.  I looked at a nice lake front house that sold for less than $350,000, I checked out a nicely renovated mid 40's house for a couple who where first time buyers, up to Seattle to inspect a top floor condo unit that overlooked the city, bac...
You know its funny how life sneaks up on you when you are not paying attention.   About six months ago a great colleague and friend of mine calls to share her idea for a new blog she is putting together.  "It will be a great source of information for others" she says as she gives me the details. ...
I have some great investor clients that finished their re-hab on Friday.  They picked the house up at auction a couple of months ago and did a great job.  They should have no problem selling the house.  They called me back to take a look and we went over the original list that I had made for the ...
I sat down this morning to pay company bills (sound familiar?) and started thinking about the advertising dollars that I am spending each month.  We all do it to some extent but how do you know what is working and what is money flushed down the toilet.  I know I have advertised in the phone book ...
I met a great client the other day.  He is a first time buyer looking to buy a bank owned property and was very excited.  We made an appointment to inspect the house and cleared it with the listing agent a week in advance.  I talked it over with his agent and everything was set.  The buyers agent...

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