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  Homebuyers and sellers often hear about "plumbing upgrades", but what does this mean? Generally speaking, upgrading plumbing in the context of buying or selling a home refers to both fixtures and/or the plumbing system itself. Here are some basics to consider when referring to plumbing upgrade...
Water damage can come from a variety of sources: storms, flooding, broken water pipes and lines, leaking washing machines, and more. This can lead to mold and odor problems, and worse. If left unmitigated, water damage can eventually cause structural damage, which can entail significant costs to...
    With summer's kickoff on the way, it's time to get your home in top shape for the months ahead. Whatever your weather, taking some time to take care of your home will help to ensure a worry-free, comfortable summer. OUTDOORS Inspect siding for cracks and make any needed repairs. If paint is ...
  THE HOUSE-FRIENDLY YARD AND GARDEN       During the spring and summer months, many homeowners get their garden and yard work into full swing. This month, Pillar To Post takes a look at several steps that homeowners can take to make their outdoor spaces and their home live compatibly.   KEEP WA...
It's important for Realtors to remind home buyers that all homes-old or new-need ongoing maintenance.First, buyers should understand the 1% rule. This rule postulates that normal maintenance on a home is about 1% of the value of the home per year. For example, a $250,000 home would require $2,50...
Winterizing Your Home It's fall and that means it's time to get your home ready for the upcoming cold weather. Check out the tips below for ideas on how to keep your home more comfortable and efficient this winter.Seal Drafts - Seal holes, cracks, and openings in your home to stop the flow of he...
The modern kitchen is not only a place where food is prepared, but also where the whole family gathers - so it should be strategically designed to be a healthy and eco-friendly space. There are many ways to make your kitchen healthier for your family and the planet. From lighting to interior fin...
Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection. Sellers can speed their home inspection by following these suggestions. The inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing. 1.Confirm that water, electric and gas service are on, with gas pilot lights burning. 2.Ensure pets won't hinde...
  HOME REPAIRS BEFORE SALE CAN ADD VALUE   Many homeowners often overlook easy and relatively inexpensive fixes that can add real value to a home's selling price. While major remodeling is costly and may not address the needs and tastes of prospective buyers, these repairs and maintenance sugges...
  LIVING WITH MY HOME   How should you budget for new kitchen cabinets or to replace that old garage door? Want to research energy-efficient replacement windows? Need to unclog a toilet, but don't have a plunger? Now there's one place where you can find out all this and more!Pillar To Post is pl...

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