Despite consumers dislike for prepayment penalties lenders often make them a requirement of the loan.  Nobody wants one; nobody likes them.  So why can't we just get rid of them altogether?  My rule of thumb is to generally avoid prepayment penalties when possible, but is there ever a time when i...
I recently wrote my first post in AR and immediately witnessed the power of "The BLOG".  But what exactly is a blog anyway?  I don't know that I'm qualified to say for sure, but I'm pretty sure it has a heart, a brain, and it permeates my computer every night.  It's kind of scary because its grow...
   As one of the chapter presidents for BNI, I can testify to the power and effectiveness of network marketing and if you're not already involved in a networking group, I encourage you to check out your local BNI chapter.  The objective of any networking group is to grow your business through net...
 So here I am, writing my first AR Blog.  Why am I doing this?  Will anyone actually read this? I guess I have a bit of skepticism fueled by a lack of understanding on what to expect.  Is blogging a legitimate business tool or the next cyberwave fad?  For the past several weeks I've been on the s...

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