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    Here is a quick fix to net income issues. It’s not a long term solution, but maybe it will get you through until you get the help you need from a CPA, Coach, Financial Planner or the CRS200 Business Planning & Marketing class. Here is the disclaimer; I am no CPA, Tax Accountant or Financial ...
  I AM A CRS . . .   I take two days a week off, because sawing with a dull saw is ineffective. I have balance, because working 80 hours a week to produce ‘the good life’ is not ‘living the good life.’ I know how many appointments per week it takes to produce my year-end goal. I know the ‘hard c...
  Recently I read an authority’s article on backing up.  To summarize, it went something like this “The best practical solution is to buy and use an external hard drive.  After all they’re less than $150 bucks and they’re easy to use . . . besides, who has the time to backup like an IT person in ...
Earlier this year I had the opportunity to interview three of the nation's top high tech real estate agents.  One of the questions they were to answer was "What was your best hardware purchase this last year?" Among them, the answer was unanimous.   Each mentioned with excitement this new fangled...
Got to Facebook and click your profile tab Copy just the long number in your address bar.  This is your Facebook ID. Add the number to this address For example my address is To Link your CRS Profile to Faceb...

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