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So how does the plumbing work?   I bet the cost for landscaping alone is ridiculous.
Why are we so enamored with the negative? I was asking myself this question as I read the comments from my post "Try Talking To Your Prospects Like This" last week.   It was the follow-up to my post "Do You Talk To Your Prospects Like This?" and offered an example of good, honest and effective i...
I dropped the ball.   Simple as that. I dropped the ball, sincerely apologized to the agent, and was subsequently scolded like a bad child. I was talked over, all the while being told it is rude to talk over someone.  As most of you know, I look at most everything as a learning and/or teaching ex...
"If you listen to what your client tells you and they really believe you care, they will want to do business with you." In my conversation with Jim Crisafi of The Silva Group in Riverside, CA this morning he said this and I just wanted to share it with all of you.   Today's consumer expects us al...
Okay, I can understand how an open house WOULD be a hassle for this one.   Just have an icepick handy to make some fresh snowcones for everyone.  Wonder what kind of school district this is in.   This photo comes from
One of the comments left in my blog post "Do You Talk To Your Prospects Like This?" last week was one of those statements of truth that makes so much sense you only need to hear it once for it to sink in. It comes from J Philip Faranda in Briarcliff Manor, NY and goes like this: "Some agents have...
There is a lot of misinformation about the internet and computers and how they truly integrate into the way we do business. I see three distinct schools of thought with regard to the internet: 1.  It is a shortcut which minimizes the necessity of face-to-face contact with the ultimate end being a...
Your response to my blog post yesterday was truly humbling, and your response is indicative of the very response that email (and others like it) illicit from potential clients. I promised an example of one of the best responses I've ever seen and I've included it here in this post.  It's probabl...
I was recently shown an email that an agent sent to prospects she had received from an internet lead generation company and was shocked at the way she was talking to her potential future business.  After reading it, my first thought was "No wonder you're not getting any response." In a market li...
  A colleague of mine emailed this to me with the same subject line and I just had to post it...once I finished laughing. Hope you got a laugh, too:)