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This sounds like one of those late night TV commercials, but it is the truth. I wrote a book for Real Estate Agents and all of the people who listened or read it have said the book was very helpful and insightful. "Must See Inside:  An Up Close and Personal Approach to Real Estate"  You can buy t...
Our self-image and results are based on how we view and think of ourselves. How is 2010 going to end up for you?  My gross commissions are right on track for what I expected going into the year.  I didn't really believe I could do better and so I am getting what I expected.  How about 2011?  Are ...
This is a common refrain heard on playgrounds all over the country.  I hear it all the time from my two daughters when they are playing with their friends. And this refrain also applies to adults when using Facebook. It's a good idea to make sure you don't friend everyone who sends you a request....
This past week I have been pretty busy so I have not been able to write many posts.  But, I have been reading a number of the featured posts and I have been very surprised at the tone and mood out there in the Realtor community. I know times are tough, but this is very similar to what happened tw...
Autumn is a beautiful time of year here in Colorado.  We have great weather and the trees, bushes and flowers are very colorful and dramatic.  We are coming close to the end of October and we are going to get our first snow here so pretty soon all of the leaves are going to be gone.  I took some...
You never know when you are going to run into a past Client or existing Client during the day. Every morning when I take my oldest Daughter to school I see one of my past Clients I helped buy a home last year.  We enjoy saying hi and getting our 1-2 minute chat in before the bell rings for school...
This year I have run into a few transactions where the Listing Agent is also the Owner of the Home.  These deals can be tricky because there are more emotions involved for the Lising Agent/Owner.  And sometimes the emotions can potentially stop a deal from happening or worse make the transaction ...
It's interesting how our business is so cyclical.  Days and weeks can go by for me without getting a new Client.  I am always reminded of this when I see my Wife after work.  One of her first questions to me every day is:  "anybody new?"  She's my Sales Manager.  :) My business is definitely busi...

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Info on news, lifestyle and sights around Boulder, Louisville and the surrouding cities.
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