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This morning I was browsing the Internet for a particular item.  I stumbled onto a website I had never visited and was given the option of purchasing as a guest or creating a free member account.  I opted for 'guest' since all that I needed to provide was my email address and I quickly added the ...
Have you been receiving an unusally high volume of unwanted phone calls lately?I have a spam detector app on my phone, yet daily I still receive calls with either a voice recorded message or sometimes absolutely nothing.Robocalls are computer generated phone calls usually for the purpose of:A.) S...
With the exception of the Utah real estate student questions, I think the Q&A section's most popular question is "How do I edit my blog signature?". You've changed brokerages.  An email or website has changed.  You just want to freshen it up a bit.  You need to add your state's compliance requir...
"The ActiveRain community and real estate industry as a whole will only be respected to the degree of character represented by the actions of its professionals. Do not conduct yourself in a way that disgraces your fellow members on this network." - Active Rain Community GuidelinesCan you imagine...
 "There is always a blessing if you open your mind to it."Thank you Ron and Alexandra Seigel for the heaping dose of encouragement! We woke up to howling winds and subsequently horizontal rain showers.  We have no complaints whatsoever, as this washes the screens, windows and walls.  There is alw...
The Yellow Breeches Creek that meanders through the south side of Carlisle, PA is one of my favorite spots, especially on a bright, sunny day.   Today while driving past, I could feel the tug, like a magnetic pull upon my heart inviting me to stop and pause for a moment or two to enjoy the view. ...
June 2016 I was sitting in a meeting when someone mentioned a real estate blogging forum called 'Active Rain.'  I remember questioning if I had even heard the name correctly.  Seriously, what does 'Active Rain' mean, and how does it relate to real estate?Fast forward to January 2019 - and yes, it...
I've heard it said that the strongest tree doesn't necessarily withstand the storm, but the tree with limbs that are bendable and can adapt to the elements of the storm is the tree that has the best chance of making it through the storm.Thank you Debe Maxwell, CRS for this beautiful, encouraging ...
What a lovely, heartwarming, beautifully written post that truly helps to illuminate the multi gen housing choice.  The benefits are precious and far outweigh the one sided argument of just monetary savings.  I especially loved this quote: "the families we work with choose this lifestyle out of l...
Grocery shopping can be a mind numbing experience but when I step inside Wegmans on the Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA, it is truly like being whisked away to another land.  The bakery transports me back to a visit to Italy and the aroma of fresh baked bread that I awoke to each morning, the sea...

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