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A For-Sale-By-Owner reached out to me.  They are a distant acquaintance of mine and they are dead set on trying to sell their home without a Realtor® but they have their first showing scheduled for Saturday (after trying to sell for a month+) and they were looking to me for advice.  I am happy to...
Thinking about selling your home can lead to an eruption of a variety of emotions...The pendulum may swing from the sentimental -"I remember when little Johnny took his first step in that hallway..."And then the pendulum may swing drastically in the other direction into what I call - 'Freak-Out-M...
How does one identify an 'extraordinary' moment...??An extraordinary moment doesn't send out an invitation to prepare one for its grand entrance...An extraordinary moment doesn't arrive with shouts and a parade demanding our full attention...Quite the contrary, extraordinary moments show up unann...
Have you ever noticed that there is a strong correlation between wanting to be successful and asking numerous questions...??Perhaps I'm being a bit facetious but hear me out - Have you ever sat in a classroom/meeting room/conference and not understood something - and were too shy/embarrassed/asha...
Beautifully maintained home - 3 Bedrooms/2 Full BathsNestled in the mountains of Mt. Holly Springs with beautiful views on a cul-de-sac. This house offers a cozy feel in a convenient location and quiet neighborhood. Little outside maintenance and close to fishing and hiking. Large deck with built...
It is 8:30 a.m. on Thursday - September 22, 2016.  Time is like the grains of sand upon the beach.  Time seems abundant when we view it from a distance but once we get up close and grasp a handful, we watch as the grains begin to slip away.  I've never seen a juggler attempt to juggle sand since ...
Today is the last day of summer.  Tomorrow we shall greet the first day of autumn.The memories of summer 2016 live on forever in the snapshots I have stored away in the albums of my heart and I await with childlike expectancy to see what surprises autumn intends to share.   I can only imagine the...
I'm a planner...I like to know where I am going, how long it should take, and have a mapped out route in place...Sometimes things go exactly as I anticipate but occasionally unforeseen things happen...The road of life is the same...I've set my own expectancies upon situations/people/events and in...
While driving through the town square in the center of Carlisle, PA, I can get to my home by going straight (South), by making a right turn (West) or by making a left turn (East).  All options will get me home in approximately the same amount of time under normal traffic conditions.  However, sin...
This morning I was involved in several group texts with people located in many different states.  We are organizing our Thanksgiving plans and are working on important details like: Who's coming? And- Who's bringing what?  I know that Thanksgiving is over two months away but life has taught me th...

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