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 Today while chatting with a dear, older lady she shared a very wise statement...                                                    "Beauty comes from within -                        ya know, pretty IS as pretty DOES"Such true words.  Each life is like a pebble tossed into the lake - and the rip...
When it comes to walking through a business transaction, I have found that there are two types of people...                                                Those that seem to                             'Over-Complicate Everything'                                         and those that            ...
The Real Estate World turns FAST...Only those that are proactive and prepared can handle the SPIN without getting their client DIZZY...The Key is to be Proactive and Prepared...Proactive - Each client deserves to be heard and as an excellent agent, we must offer our best listening ears to underst...
As a Realtor, I receive MANY marketing calls - sometimes SEVERAL throughout the course of a day...I am never rude.  I tell EACH one the same thing..."Send me the information in an email and I WILL read it and consider it...  And then I follow by asking, "Do you need my email address...??"I think ...
Corvettes at Carlisle, is a dream come true for a Corvette Enthusiast...Held at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania Fairgrounds, it is said that it is the largest Corvette event in the world - and it will be happening this coming weekend - August 25-28, 2016Corvettes are already arriving...and you could f...
Treat ALL People with Respect...We all share this planet space together!!It's been a crazy busy day for me - Up BEFORE dawn...Showed five properties before NOON...Working from my mobile office (aka: my SUV)...Running, driving, running, driving, running...Stopped home for a minute - I walked in fr...
You might think you're simply buying or selling a home... You're NOT...!! When you think about a visit to a restaurant, yes you'll remember details about the food, but I dare say that over time, we ALL remember our personal experience the MOST.  The flavor of the food may fade from our memory, bu...
Today is the first day back to school for Carlisle, PA students...Yet, for ALL that choose to do so, today is a NEW chapter, a NEW beginning, a NEW season of life...Isn't a healthy life all about welcoming changes, embarking upon new challenges and facing difficulty with courage...??To someone th...
Buyer finds the home of their dreams...Offer is made...Offer is accepted...And suddenly, 'COLD FEET SYNDROME' sets in...The questions start to swirl in the buyer's head:Am I making the right decision?Can I afford this?What if...??The most experienced and seasoned buyer agents report that 'Cold Fe...
Competing, multiple offers hang in the balance as my buyer-clients and I await a response...The listing agent was hopeful that the seller would make a decision by mid-morning but now it's 3:30pm and still we wait...It is ABSOLUTELY a seller's market!!Inventory is low and as soon as a new listing ...

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