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Tip's, Advise, and home related information from a professional full time Home Inspector.
An empty home is the ideal target for break-ins and burglaries, especially during the summer months. Vacation should be a time to relax and unwind, but the thought of leaving your home and valuables unattended can cause stress and anxiety. Take the time to secure your home before you leave so you...
How should you budget for new kitchen cabinets or to replace that old garage door? Want to research energy-efficient replacement windows? Need to unclog a toilet, but don’t have a plunger? Now there’s one place where you can find out all this and more! Pillar To Post is pleased to sponsor Living ...
HEALTHY AND SAFE SPRING CLEANING Now is the perfect time to tackle spring cleaning projects around the house. Here are some reminders to help make this year’s spring cleaning safe, healthy, and easy:     >Choose non- or low-toxic cleaning products whenever possible.     >Alternatively, household...
STAGING YOUR HOME FOR SALE Selling your home? Beyond the basics of completing needed repairs and addressing any issues revealed in your pre-listing home inspection, it’s also important to consider the effect your home’s appearance will have on prospective buyers. “Staging” a home should be though...
What a strange way to start a blog.....Weeding without Gloves.  This is my very brief analogy of how important a home inspection is to the purchase and sale of a home.  While the purchase inspection has now become accepted as common practice, why hasn't the Pre-Listing inspection become even more...
In areas with older homes we all have seen or are going to see Knob and tube wiring.  In my post today I wanted to post some "Quick Facts" about old K&T (knob and tube). K&T Limitations:Usually Restricted to a Maximum of 60 amp serviceNot a grounded system making it more hazardous than modern wir...
CONTROLLING ALLERGENS IN THE HOME For many people, household allergens can cause a variety of symptoms, including sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, and shortness of breath, and may be a contributing cause of asthma, especially in children. However, it is possible to minimize the effects of such al...
DON’T THROW MONEY OUT THE WINDOW With heating and cooling costs continuing to rise, it makes sense to look at one of the leading causes of energy inefficiency in the home: windows. Installing energy-efficient windows can mean increased comfort as well as savings on utility bills in any climate. T...
THE HOUSE-FRIENDLY YARD AND GARDEN During the spring and summer months, many homeowners get their garden and yard work into full swing. This month, Pillar To Post takes a look at several steps that homeowners can take to make their outdoor spaces and their home live compatibly. KEEP WATER AWAY FR...
WHAT CAUSES SICK HOUSE SYNDROME? Sick House Syndrome occurs when a house can’t “breathe” to rid itself of indoor pollutants, resulting in poor indoor air quality – a “sick house.” Inadequate ventilation allows pollutants to build up, causing potential health risks to the home’s occupants. Young c...

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