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We’ve been watching our health this month; eating our greens and walking during breaks. But we haven’t talked very much about marketing. Spending the majority of this month focused on our health, we can’t forget about the health of the people we work for: our clients. One way to really connect w...
Magnets USA is focusing on personal health and exercise for the next 95 days. We’re walking 100 miles in 100 days. We installed a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and even brought in some hula hoops. With all this attention on our physical healthy, it seems appropriate to take a look at how we’...
Yes, you heard right: we’re walking 100 miles just to prove we can. The health benefits are a bonus too. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 4 American deaths are due to heart disease. That’s 600,000 deaths per year. The main culprits being: diabetes, obesity, poor diet, physical i...
So, you’ve been working your tail off to get your name “out there” in the real estate world, huh? Sending letters, handing out marketing items with your name and logo—you’re well on your way! Now that your name is all over town, it’s time for your phone to start ringing off the hook. And since y...

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