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A few years ago I attended the revival of David Mamet's play Glengarry Glen Ross, which reveals the seamy underside of the real estate business. It's a marvelous show, in spite of the portrayal of real estate agents as ruthless conmen. A pivotal moment comes when one of the bosses of the company ...
Your real estate agent just called to tell you that’s someone’s made an offer on your house! Hooray! Your first question is: how much are they offering? It’s an important question, of course, but it covers only part of the offer; the rest of the offer, called “the terms” can be just as critical, ...
Work Got in the Way!I put an exclamation mark after the title of this blog post because I am excited to be busy! I have two buyer-clients closing on wonderful properties in the next few weeks: one of them is a charming little condominium at an even more charming price; the other is a small house ...
I'm sure that a famous writer has pointed out that the more you have to write about, the less time you have to write. This, fortunately, has been my situation these first weeks of the new year: I've heard some great live music, enjoyed some terrific meals (and learned to make pasta at home!), cau...
I recently gave two buyer customers a tour of the island while I showed them houses in a number of neighborhoods. They seemed to enjoy our outing, and they absorbed a lot of information while I learned about their interests. During our lunch break at Tramici (everything on the menu is terrific, b...
Although we had rented a house here for a while, my husband and I had never experienced the notorious "Georgia - Florida Weekend" here on the island. Every year the football teams of the University of Georgia and the University of Florida meet at a huge stadium in Jacksonville, which for some rea...
It's Tuesday, but I'm already looking to the end of the week. There's a lot happening on our little island on Thursdays, including lots of live music (including Open Mic Night at our bar and grill) and the opening of our favorite breakfast-and-lunch restaurant, Palmer's Village Café, for dinner t...
My husband and I always swore that there were two things we'd never buy: a boat, and a restaurant. We live near the water now, so you might think we've been tempted to break our vow... and you'd be right! But we didn't buy a boat, we bought Locos, a (small) franchise bar and grill. It's been a lo...

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