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On a Lighter Note After my last blog I thought a picture of a problem free life was in order Ah....if all we had to do was graze, chew kud, and produce milk all day in such a setting, life would be pretty  MOOOvalous!!!!!! Once again a beautiful sight to behold in Midway, Utah in Heber Valley.  H...
Beautiful Fall drive in Utah Big Cottonwood Canyon's Guardsman's Pass The Aspen are beginning to peak and one of the best places to see one of the biggest aspen grove in the country is on the East side of Guardsman's Pass. You can drop down in to Park City Utah or Midway Utah.  If Dropping into M...
Speechless Sunday Guardmans Pass , Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Speechless Sundays...... Guardmans Pass Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah.
Visiting Midway, UT You too can own this house and be transported to a little piece of European heaven.  The Swiss influence of Midway adds to the charm of this sweet community nestled in the Heber Valley surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains. Best Places to Stay 1 Invited Inn Bed and Breakfast   2...
 Salt Lake City At Sunset Fall is a great time of year for color, we have great sun sets and beautiful colors on the leaves.  The air is crisp and clear,  which makes everything seem brighter and more vivid including the blue sky. If you are looking to relocate to our Beautiful city of Salt Lake ...
This a good read and we should know what our Association is saying about this important political issues.  To read it go to Daily Real Estate News  |  September 23, 2010  |      Voters Say: Don't Mess With the MID Americans overwhelmingly oppose any action by Congress to tamper wi...
Another Wordless Wednesday, not so wordless Beautiful Snowbird Utah, picture taken the second Week of September.  The sky was clear crisp and the colors of fall beginning to bloom.   If you are looking for a great treat drive up to Snowbird, enjoy the weekends with Oktoberfest in full swing until...
Wordless Wednesday........   The beautiful Hamlet of Midway has some great little Hideaways, the scenery itself is breath taking and then there are great place to kick your shoes off by a fire or dine in  European style.  The Blue Boar Innrated one of the best restaurants and Inns in the US in ma...
Jackie Evancho amazing voice from God.....when you hear her sing you think the heavens have opened and God sent an angel to comfort us. <>  > Talent like that doesn't come around every day...She is really something special. I don't watch Americas got Talent but I heard a lot about Jackie Evancho ...

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