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Often times sellers ask me if they have the right to be at their home inspection.  The answer is "yes" they have the right but my recommendation is for them not to be at the home inspection.      There are a few reasons why I recommend this for my sellers.       1.   This is the buyer's opportuni...
Congratulations you have a contract accepted on your home and your home inspection is scheduled for today.      However, you are really not sure what happens at the home inspection or what you should even do while there.    So here my top five tips for you to follow during your home inspection.  ...
I get a call from my seller after the final walk thru happens and the question of the day was "Does my flagpole go with the home?"       My answer was - that is an interesting quesiton and I don't have a clear answer for you right now.    He goes on to tell me that he has an emotional connection ...
In the process of buying a home there are many decisions that buyers have to make along the way.   Some of these decisions include:  How much can I afford?    New construction or Resale home?   Is this a good time to buy?   How much should I offer on a home?    What type of inspectors should I us...
Without looking it up which one is a town in Maryland and which one is an element on the Periodic Table? Lithium   and    Linthicum?  
The musical/movie Hairspray was based of an area in Baltimore called Hampden.  It is a small community in Baltimore City that really is very unique.  It is a walking community that is a mix of the traditional Baltimore Crowd - with the beehive hairdo's and the new Artsy crowd.  There are great st...
This is the comment I heard yesterday while I was walk through the common area in my office by another agent.   This comment caused me to pause and head towards the file drawer to pretend I had an addendum that I needed to find at that exact moment.    But in reality I wanted to eavesdrop of the ...
So today on facebook I posted that it was "National Clean Off your Desk Day."    I decided that not only would I participate but I would also post before and after pictures of my office.   Before I even had the chance to do so, another agent in my office posted on my wall that he has seen my desk...

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