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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.
Did you know today is National Take Back Your Time Day? We're putting in longer hours on the job now than we did in the 1950s, despite promises of a coming age of leisure before the year 2000.  In fact, we're working more than medieval peasants did, and more than the citizens of any other industr...
If you're a seller I can tell you exactly what you need to do to sell your home.  I can't predict when or for what price it will sell, but I CAN tell you how to get the best price in the shortest amount of time.  The market has changed, and it means we have to work a little harder, but it can be ...
There are numerous classes for Realtors that help us identify the personality style of our clients; introvert, extrovert, driver, sensing , feeling, thinking , perceiving, Type A, Type B, left brain or right.  The purpose of identifying these personality styles is to help us, as salespeople, bett...
OK, Teresa Boardman, I'll enter your virtual pumpkin carving contest.   I've never been very good at working the paint program, so hopfully I'll get a point or two for creativity.   These are my St. Paul and Minneapolis Pumpkins.  The first, representing the many fine  St.Paul Irish establishment...
I thought long and hard about whether to talk about this here or on my other blog.  I decided to do it here in hopes in would provoke some conversation vs. seeming like a shameless plug for my broker.  I am so proud to be affiliated with my broker. First let me say my company (Edina Realty) is an...
Summer. It seems to go so fast...Farmer markets, state fair, walks around the lake, swimming, golfing, just sitting outside enjoying the sun. We are Minnesotans. We are tough, resiliant Scandanavian Stock. Many of us have lived here all our lives.  Many of us stayed on the side of the river from ...
When my husband and I moved into our 1949 home 2 1/2 years ago we bought it for the location. There were some contigencies--for my handyman husband.  I wasn't willing to sign on the dotted line until he agreed on a number of things..1) the pink stove and white speckled counter tops HAD to go 2) t...
There are soooo many things Realtors have options to spend money on.  From lead generation, to technology that allows us to provide additional services, to marketing trinkets to closing gifts. To make your money making decisions even more complex, some of these things work great for some, and not...
While I know I risk duplication of content dings.  This is too important to not share.  700 homes near Hiawatha Avenue and East 28th Street in the Phillips and Longfellow neighborhoods have been found to contain arsenic. Insight News reported on this just this morning.  The EPA is cleaning up yar...
Inman news reported on Friday, September 29 that Federal Banking Agencies published new guidelines for "non-traditional" or "exotic" mortgages.  This includes interest only kinds of products.  Since I act in a fiduciary role with my clients, and have some responsibility in how they take posession...

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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.