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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.
Home means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but it is not a place. Afterall, when was the last time you hugged square footage?It is your friends and family.It is the culture you grew up with.It is a state of mind that reflects your values and people that are important to you .It is a...
 To understand the paradigm through which people see the world, we often stereotype.  I can tell you all about the Silent Generation, and the GI Generation and what the books and profits say about them.  I can plan a perfect marketing plan to speak to the needs of those generations.  Here's the g...
As the Twin Cities market has cooled, buyers find themselves in a position they haven't been in for years.  You're in charge.  For first-time home buyers this can be an exciting time.  Your friends, family and certainly the media are trumpeting what a great market it is for buyers.  However, "Buy...
Something marvelous happened today. 3 women, all strangers, all competetitors brought together with one thing in common. ActiveRain. We got together to celebrate Teresa's success in achieving "top Realtor Blogger in the State of Minnesota!" I learned a couple of things tonight.  1) Teresa truly i...
Tonight on the CBS news there was a feature story on Elder Abuse.  Like domestic abuse it's a hugely under-reported problem.  Of the known cases researches estimate 89% of the abuse and neglect happens in private homes. More than half of the perpetrators are children or other relatives. When I wo...
The solid red line shows pending listings (those that have have a signed Purchase Agreement) and the solid blue line shows active listings for the Twin Cities over the last 3 months.  It's interesting to watch the two lines come closer together (which means the number of lisitngs on the market is...
Every night in Minnesota, about 7,000 individuals receive shelter from homeless service providers, according to surveys conducted by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Due to inadequate resources, another 1,000 individuals are turned away from shelters every night. These numbers become m...
"Enter at your own risk, Martha Stewart does not live here!" I do a lot of things really well however the study of Home Economics is not my strength.  Which leaves me somewhat frazzled, bedraggled and left wanting when it comes to the Holidays.  It takes me a little longer to bake, to wrap and to...
If you're lucky enough to work with a senior client, you'll likely be faced with one of the two most common obstacles.  "I don't want a monthly payment" and "Whatever will I do with all this stuff?"  I tackled the financial objection in Overcoming Seniors Objections Part II.  Jay and Medford even...
What 16.9 Million will get you in the Twin Cities. The most expensive listing today in Minneapolis.  Dunrovin is a property located on Lake Minnetonka. It boasts 4 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces and 7 garages. The lot has over 300 feet of lakeshore, and is surrounded by a nature reserve. 1...

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Lisa Dunn is a Realtor in the Minneapolis St. Paul area who offers some thoughts for your review.