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~ ~ DID YOU KNOW MORTGAGE RATES ARE AT THE LOWEST IN 2011? ~ ~ That's right - Mortgage Rates are the LOWEST they've been in 2011! What does that mean for you?  It means NOW is the time to refinance or purchase that home!!! Mortgage Rates will go up as the economy improves, so take advantage of th...
What's happening in Eugene, Oregon Today?  Antiques Roadshow, that's what! How much is that old crank telephone in your attic worth, anyway?  You’ll soon find out, because Antiques Roadshow is in Eugene,Oregon, TODAY.  All the Antiques Roadshow fun will be at the Lane Events Center! Tickets are F...
If not now, when?  Take advantage of LOW Mortgage Rates in Eugene Oregon   Mortgage Rates in Eugene Oregon are LOW  - - if you don’t purchase or refinance now, then WHEN? According to Freddie Mac, this is the lowest Mortgage Rate in 2011. If you’ve been waiting to buy or refinance, now is the tim...
Helping a Senior with a Reverse Mortgage One of the most gratifying parts of my job as a Loan Officer is when I get to help a Senior tap into the equity in their home through a Reverse Mortgage. It usually starts this way: I get a call from a Senior, they are at least 62 years old, and they are w...
How many times do you run my credit report and verify my employment when I get a mortgage? Question:  I’ve just been informed that at the end of August 2011 I will be layed off.  My husband and I have been thinking about selling our home and purchasing another home, but it may not all happen befo...
  Over the past few months, each time I've read about Russel Ray Paying It Forward I've thought "how wonderful, doesn't get better than this." But this is a brilliant way that Russel Ray is Paying It Forward, and I want to help spread the word.  Because of you Russel Ray, the next time I think li...
  Steven Graham makes blogging easy.  Steven Graham gives you the tools, the hints into HOW TO GET GOOGLE JUICE.  Steven Graham knows how to turn a regular old blog into a GOOGLE JUICE winner! Steven Graham gives super, short, to the point on-line seminars that educate those that are looking to l...
Low Carb or No Carb Snack: Crispy Kale Chips! Always in search of a low carb or no carb snack, I found the ultimate this weekend. First let me tell you I LOVE potatos in any way, shape or form, including potato chips.  They called me 'the potato kid' when I was growing up.  But now that I'm going...
How To Pay Off Your Credit Cards In today’s economy credit card use is rampant.  It is sometimes used as the purchase method of choice because of the inherent built in protections (item warranty, identity theft protection), but often it is used to buy that ‘one thing’ you’ve had your eye on for a...
My Niece had 9 stiches, and scars that may be around for life.  The doctors do not have an answer as to how long the scars will remain. The scars are on her face.  They will follow her to every sleep over with her friends, to every class, to every family reunion, and to every job interview she ha...

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