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My 15 year old daughter is at the beach with her girlfriends and two other mothers so I get to pick the netflix movies this week! My husband and I are working our way through a series of grown up movies! No romantic comedies this week! I am watching "No Country for Old Men" and checking some blog...
The Montgomery County Maryland Planning Board recently established a development moratorium for three school clusters: Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Clarksburg and Seneca Valley.  After receiving the results of the annual school test - which compares projected student enrollment against projected classro...
Okay - so I need to get my hours of CE for my MD license renewal. I noticed that MD has now begun online renewal classes. How cool is that I thought! MD has finally joined Virginia in adapting to the new realities of the internet. This afternoon at a very slow open house, I opened up an account w...
I am working on a transaction in which I represent the buyers (thank heavens!), and they are really great first time buyers and very reasonable and accomodating. Two weeks ago we found a great house (appropriately priced) that had just been on the market for two days, and they fell in love with i...
There is always one deal that makes you crazy! Mine settled today; I will get paid, and then I can send the clients Christmas cards forever and ever!   This couple found me on the internet because I included the words relocation specialist in my metatags, and it worked. I remember that phone call...
Two Realtors Discussing a Sale:A super nice couple walks into your house that you have for sale. They tell you we love this neighborhood, this is where we want to be. They can't stop gushing over the rehab you've done. We love this house they keep repeating over & over. It gets time to negotiate ...
To celebrate Father's Day, I took my husband and 15 year old daughter to New York City to see our son, who is living there now. We had a wonderful dinner last night at the Paris Commune, a little restaurant in the West Village, and then went to the Metropolitan Museum this morning to see an exhib...
I am checking on my Active Rain friends and watching the Late Night Show w/ Conan O'Brien. He just had the USC Marching Band march across the stage (twice) and is hosting Eva Mendez tonight. I never remember to watch the Late Show, even though I am frequently up at this hour, so this is sort of n...
The proposed Purple Line will be a 16 mile light rail line between Bethesda and New Carollton.Maryland.  It has already received approval from the Montgomery and Prince Georges County councils and Chief Executives. Now, it has received unanimous approval from the National Capitol Transportation P...
I have been really busy lately and haven't been blogging as much as earlier this spring, so I suspect I have missed this happening to other people, but.... This morning I got an email contact through Active Rain, which I was excited to see, until I opened it! It was from a "girl in West Africa" (...

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