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Grow your real estate sales with these helpful tips from Lee Davenport.
As Featured on NAR's YPN Lounge Blog.  REALTOR® Sarah Johnston aka @AdventuresInRealEstateYYC has what many might call "Instagram Magic".  Beyond being an Instagram Influencer, Sarah Johnston of MaxWell Capital Realty --Bridgeland is the president-elect to the Calgary Real Estate Board and has b...
You do NOT have to be on camera to grow your business through videos🎥📹📈🏘. Watch this ONE MINUTE (that's all folks!) #LearnwithLee Lesson to find out 3 quick ways to use video to better position your business to reap the rewards of video.     Want longer video tutorials? Sure you do! Check out htt...
I get it. Sometimes we invest in agent development and NEVER see the return because _____ (fill in the blank with why the agent never became a producer and has taken a leave of absence AFTER you have invested in their development).So I want to try something different that can possibly amount to t...
Are you TOO SHY for sales?  Watch this short video for the 3 questions you MUST ask yourself to help you know what’s what!   Want to see the longer, more detailed how-to videos?  Visit for the full Profit with Your Personality Series.     Rather an audioboo...
Nikki at work (photo credit: Instagram) As Featured in YPN The Lounge.   What does it take to be a top producer?  There is no magic, work-free formula but there are habits and principles of top producers that you can "borrow" from their playbooks.    Today's playbook features Toronto's savvy and...
 Will REALTORS® Go the Way of Blockbusters and ToysRUs because of Zillow®? We all know that Netflix® and other streaming services helped to kill Blockbuster®. Amazon® helped to kill ToysRUs. Will Zillow® help to kill the real estate sales profession? Honestly, they could IF we don’t learn from th...
You know social media is a quick way to get your for sale real estate in front of people.  But are you doing it the quick and dirty way?  That’s the way that could get you fined, blocked, banned and possibly even jailed depending on the severity of “dirt”. Watch this video for the 1 absolute ever...
If you have ever been frustrated by Facebook Ads, then here in this video are 3 reasons that may be why.       Want to see the longer, more detailed video on this topic?  Visit   Here's to your surge!       What are the Car Chronicles?    We all have a plac...
Excerpt from Mess-Free Social Media 3-Hour CE Class and featured in Inman News.     “Starter home for small family”“DM me for details”“Bachelor’s pad”“Adult community”“Your professional realtor" What do all of these social media captions have in common? They may make a big ol' MESS of your busin...
As August 2018 approaches, Facebook as we have known and loved it, is changing.  Just last week, Facebook lost over $120 billion in valuation!  This along with the privacy concerns that have been prominent in the news this year, many real estate agents and brokers are wondering how to market usin...

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