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I have been a resident in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1997. I moved to the Southwest (Rhodes Ranch area) of the Las Vegas Valley in 2002. I have watched the area grow from barren desert to a thriving community. I have over 20 years of customer service, marketing & sales experience so you can feel confident that I will handle each transaction with care and attention to detail! I had a real estate license in the mid 90's in Nebraska prior to moving to Las Vegas. I became licensed to sell real estate in Nevada in 2005. I received my real estate broker's license in 2011 and opened my own brokerage in 2013. I have 2 grown children and 3 Italian Greyhound fur babies. When not out selling homes, I enjoy to spend time with my family by enjoying the magnificient sights the desert southwest has to offer. We would love to earn your business! I have built my team to specialize in almost every facet of Las Vegas real estate: Buyer Representatives, New Construction Buyer Agents, Home Listing Agents and Rental Agents for Tenants. Call 702-966-2494 to be connected with your next innovative Las Vegas real estate professional!



OK, not a big surprise, I KNOW!  Everyone KNOWs about the high rises that are being built on the Las Vegas strip.  Those are being marketed to appeal to vacation property or second property home buyers!  It really doesn't have much appeal to the average person who lives and works here.  The price...
My last two local blog posts (post 1) (post 2) proved to be slightly controversial for some so I am writing another to help explain it in greater details.First off:  I do not allow comments from non members for a reason.  People who do not know the raw data are just chewing up, swallowing and dig...
So I was just accused of so many things in my recent post:  "Stats" Surrounded by Doom & Gloom.First I was accused of being a "cheerleader" instead of giving  "accurate and impartial information" like Broker Bryant.  Well I will honestly and openly admit I am NO Broker Bryant.  No one can be sooo...
An article last week in the Las Vegas Review Journal Depressed me: HOUSING: Local sales continue to decline Closings drop for new, existing homes, but median prices climb. But Low and behold, I am a big believer in stats! Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids!Building permits are wayyyyyyy down. The ...
While I don't believe that a competent real estate professional MUST have the fact that they have bought or sold property on their resume, I do feel it is ultimately important!Putting your money where your mouth is and backing it up is essential in the world of real estate!  I know I know certain...
Doggie parks in the Las Vegas Valley are a great way for newcomers with pups or a tourist traveling with pups to meet some of the locals. For the most part, the dog owners who frequent these parks are fantastic and very social people.You must learn the rules and regulations. Not everyone thinks t...
Economic Conditions February 2007Housing Conditions: Foreclosure/Short Sale Listings (3/14/2007):  Total Listings (3/14/2007)  21,717; Foreclosures Commenced (listings 3/14/2007) 645, 2.9% of all listings; Short Sales (listings 3/14/2007) 913, 4.2% of all listings; Both Foreclosures Commenced AND...
Doity Laundry: I found my green awareness inadvertently because of the natural magic cleaning power of the sun when my baby boy was allergic to the chemicals in disposable diapers. I tried a diaper service and he was allergic to those chemicals also! I had to wash my own diapers with detergent an...
I cannot get into my yahoo mail and it appears from Yahoo! questions that I am not the only one.  There seems to be a backdoor link but I can only access the main email, not my hosted domain mail!  Not only that but I am afraid they are phishing so I don't want to reenter my password or do anythi...
OK, here we go again: Dateline AOL NEWS! A Flood of Foreclosures, but Should You Invest? Read ME: (IS AOL NEWS? Not really, but I am still seeing RED!) Maybe they are reading me: Foreclosures & Short Sales: Deal or No Deal? I would like to think so anyways! This topic MUST be revisited, as I obvi...

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