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I have been a resident in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1997. I moved to the Southwest (Rhodes Ranch area) of the Las Vegas Valley in 2002. I have watched the area grow from barren desert to a thriving community. I have over 20 years of customer service, marketing & sales experience so you can feel confident that I will handle each transaction with care and attention to detail! I had a real estate license in the mid 90's in Nebraska prior to moving to Las Vegas. I became licensed to sell real estate in Nevada in 2005. I received my real estate broker's license in 2011 and opened my own brokerage in 2013. I have 2 grown children and 3 Italian Greyhound fur babies. When not out selling homes, I enjoy to spend time with my family by enjoying the magnificient sights the desert southwest has to offer. We would love to earn your business! I have built my team to specialize in almost every facet of Las Vegas real estate: Buyer Representatives, New Construction Buyer Agents, Home Listing Agents and Rental Agents for Tenants. Call 702-966-2494 to be connected with your next innovative Las Vegas real estate professional!



I know, not too eventful because it stopped 5 minutes ago and is already melted!I just know when we get weather (even wind!) someone east of us gets it 5 katrillion times worse. Monday the wind began and we woke up Tuesday to a little rain and a lovely rainbow.Finishing the day with a fabulous su...
I guess I am in to catchy headlines also -BUT- I don't pass myself off as "The News".I have AOL set as my home page.  The kids have AOL addresses.  I guess it isn't cool to have an email address like supercoolteen @ yourdorkywannabesupercoolmom'srealestatedomain dot com.  Yea I know AOL sensation...
Let me give you a small background on where I came from. I came from a middle, upper class family with a semi-strict upbringing and I never had anything handed to me on a silver platter, although my friends that I attended high school with did. I have three siblings one that is 13 months younger ...
Here is a consumer based summary for contributors of Las Vegas Area Real Estate Professionals Active Rain Group for 2/14/2007 - 2/24/2007:Escrow 911: Subprime Fallout and the Potential Impact on the Las Vegas Valley Rebound by Renee BurrowsMortgage Rate Quotes for $500,000 and Higher by Brian Bra...
I have had great hope for the Las Vegas Valley Real Estate Market over the last 6 months. Looking at facts, figures, stats. I personally predicted hitting the low in January/February provided all economic conditions remain stable.I watched with glee as our pendings rose dramatically last week, pe...
I had my first IRL encounter with AR screen names today!  That would be 2 parts of the Marriott Group:  Tony & Suzanne!Since I have been stood up twice today (once by a client, second by my husband)  I decided to beat Tony to the punch and post about this.  OK I also need to get to 100 posts some...
Everyone knows him so why do I even have to say his name?  I remember he was the first person to welcome me on AR.  I was so impressed by his calm and cool attitude.  He made such an impression that I mentioned his name to the second person from AR who called me and I was told "oh he specializes ...
That basically Las Vegas' entry level new single family home standing inventory is virtually gone. Yes, we see the occasional fall out of escrow fire sale (see Brian Brady's post on what is going on!) The market is turning each and every day and soon the buyers in the new home market will feel th...
So why are so many buyers still sitting on the sidelines? I have been busy calling my buyers who have been sitting on the fence and letting them know "now is the time". I am also alerting the non-motivated sellers that have been patiently waiting behind the golden gate that the gate will be openi...
Here is a consumer based summary for contributors of Las Vegas Area Real Estate Professionals Active Rain Group for 2/07/2007 - 2/14/2007:Renee Burrows:  Economic Conditions for February 2007Renee Burrows:  Foreclosures & Short Sales Deal or No Deal?Jacqulyn Rickey:  Bark in The Park  I have this...

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