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I was reflecting this morning about how much I've learned about blogging in the 2+ short months I've been a member. I hit 25,000 points over the weekend and am finding blogging easier and more fun.It dawned on me that even if AR went away or significantly changed, I have learned how to take my pe...
Now that we are looking a lot closer at the carbon footprint, the age old question ( well, at least for the last 5-10 years) needs to be readdressed. Is it better to use paper of plastic bags? The Oregonian ran an excellent piece titled Paper or Plastic? Food for thought, and a reason to read the...
A bill before the Oregon House would require big utilities to get 25% of their electrical energy from renewable resources by 2025. Needless to say, this is a controversial bill. As reported in the Oregonian,  Energy Bill Makes it to the House by Gail Kinsey Hill "The bill pits utilities, environm...
The Oregonian recently published it's 2nd Annual Green Issue. It has a lot of very cool articles and links that are not just for Oregon. The on-line edition can be found at Homes & Garden.Here are a couple of links to articles within the section:Take the Green Challenge- Food for thought. How gre...
  There is much talk on AR right now about what is appropriate to post in our blogs. Can I upload a picture without paying for it? Can I cut and paste an article? What if it's from my website and I'm paying for it? What if I give credit to the author? These and many other questions confront us as...
The Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization reports both came in hotter than expectations.  This brings a little fear of inflation.  Why?  These reports show that companies are producing at high levels and they have less excess capacity or slack in the system to produce anymore goods.   Th...
The Sherwood Saturday Marketis open every Saturday from May 5th through September 29th, 2007. Their operating hours are 9am-1pm. Located at the City of Sherwood-City Hall along Pedestrian Walkway, 22560 SW Pine Street, Sherwood, Or. 97140 ***Note: On June 9th, the market will be closed due to the...
While the Bond market got what it wanted as the Core Consumer Price Index showed tame consumer inflation. The Core CPI for April was reported up 0.2% which lowered the year over year Core rate to a better than expected 2.3% and closer to the Fed's target zone of 1 to 2%.  However, the Mortgage Ba...
With all the doom and gloom we're hearing about the economy, it's often helpful to take a look at info as it relates to our local markets. As you will see, Washington County, Oregon ranks lowest in the state of Oregon and Sherwood, Oregon is lowest in the county. Unemployment Rates    Mar2007Feb2...
 The Sherwood Chamber of Commerce represents and promotes Sherwood business and the surrounding community. The variety and scope of Chamber activities are unlimited. There is no better way of getting your name out there in our growing community.This weeks schedule:Monday May 14th - Sherwood Famil...

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