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Last week I wrote a post about how my kids had found the best ice cream in Monroe, at Mac's Restaurant. This week, the kids got their report cards and as a reward they decided that they wanted dessert one night before dinner. They let me persuade them to try something we had never had. During th...
Are you a creator, critic, joiner, spectator or are you in a coma? Great post on the 5 social media roles. I am a huge creator and critic for sure.In Social Media there are pretty much five roles you will find yourself or others in. Creator - Blogging, Podcasting or Tweeting Critic - Reviewing an...
Does anyone have any real life listing feedback on using QR codes? Are you putting a different QR code on each listing or just directing potential buyers back to your website? I still have lots of questions.QR Codes and Real Estate. Lately, QR Codes have been all the rage in conversations online ...
Well I missed the actual contest on Blogging About Anything, because I just saw it. I decided that I liked it enough to do it anyway even without the points credit. Basically Charles Buell wanted us to blog about something under our kitchen sink to prove that we could write about anything. I vent...
This past weekend our team was showing first time buyers homes in many of South Charlotte's neighborhoods. We saw mostly bank owned, short sales and foreclosures, but every third house was owner occupied. One of the homes that we saw was a bank owned foreclosure that had my buyers in hysterics. H...
 Can it get anymore FALL than this? A couple weeks back I chaperoned the Kindergarten's class to Aw Shucks Farm. It was a blast for me!
Our team has had numerous buyers in the last several weeks that had very simple search criteria for their new home. The first thing that they wanted to be in a particular school district,Weddington High School and the second is a price range under $350,000. If you have that similar criteria then ...
My family has lived in the Union County, NC  area for almost 7 years now. We had lived in Charlotte for a couple years before that. My hubby has asked several times over the last few years about wanting to see why the parking lot of Mac's Restaurant was always full of cars. A couple weeks back my...
Look out buyers in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. You could just find the perfect home in this list. Are you looking for a short sale, bank owned, foreclosure or just a great priced resale in the Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, York, Lancaster and surrounding counties? If your perfect home is...
I love baseball facts and sports facts in general. What a great post by my Texas friend John. Hope you all enjoy this one as well. Have a great afternoon.Each month we receive a Newsletter within our company which recaps any company changes / information, i.e. regulation changes, investor guideli...

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