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Do you still use "Paper-print" to advertise? Does it work?
Have you had success with open houses? What day and time have you had the best response? how many people thru an open is a "GOOD" response in your market?
Do you FARM? If so, how many mailings and how often? What is the basic M.O. of the farm? Postcard, newspaper or what? How many sales would you estimate per year due to the farm?
I like to work the hunting season because I have had good luck with it as well as other holidays. It seems that all agents take off the holidays and we have all sat around at a boring holiday get together and read the paper havent we? What an opportunity to get business when you have a monopoly b...
Please respond with hrs per week of prospecting...type of prospecting you do...and what your annual production is in terms of your pay (Annual Gross closed commissions) I think It'll be cool to see how much money the lack of prospecting is costing you. EXAMPLE: 10 hrs a week door knocking in my n...
I have heard people say things like...The weak or less committed agents are being wiped out by this challenging market? Some say that the good agents will be the last ones standing. I disagree. I have seen agents come and go. I have seen the really good agents...you know, the ones who are fully c...
Do you think we are in a market that is closer to a normal market? What do you consider to be a NORMAL market? How many months of inventory would YOU consider to be a normal market? How many months of inventory are there in your market...Do you track it?
Do you go into a listing appointment with a clear and concise action plan for getting the contract? Do you have a plan for dealing with the objection...I want to get another opinion? Do you have a plan for how to close the commission objection? Are you expecting the commission objection? Do you w...
The credit crunch is on and We are finding lending companies going out of business every day! I have had several pending closings this year alone that have fallen out of bed or almost did due to lenders pulling the plug on the program that the buyer was qualified under! The Brokers have always ac...
I am hearing different things from around the states. I sell in MN and NC. My RE/MAX office in Mn just posted a 30% gain in sales this month...1st gain in 18 mos! My office in NC also posted higher numbers. I have friends in Fla who are starting to get busy...I was just wondering if I am just gra...

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