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Real estate musings and Lizette's Kentucky life in the fast lane even though time stands still here!
Can A Home Inspection Kill Your Deal? As you go out home shopping you need to consider that the house you fall in love with will need to pass a home inspection. Some things are minor and no house is perfect...but it's good to have homes professionally inspected. Many interesting things are uncove...
ge Changes In the past, I have had clients that spent a lot of time chasing down the best rate for different lenders.   Well... pretty soon that exercise won't do you a bit of good.    Starting April 1st, all lenders will have the same rate to offer buyers. There won't be anyone that can offer y...
How can you get to a successful closing on a new home? It's simple...Choose a local lender.   Ask your Realtor/Broker to recommend someone that has a good track record of getting to a successful closing. We know who is good and who is not.   Over the years, I have seen many deals that never make ...
Question: Lizette, I've been told that it usually takes 4 -6 months to build a house. Will I have to wait that long? I only need one that is about 1500 square feet. That seems like a long time.  Mike A. Answer: Mike A., It really depends on the builder and the weather. Well... maybe the sub-contr...
Sure, the snow is still on the ground, but smart shoppers are already calling us to go look at homes and put offers in. Some of the best buys are the properties that have been on the market all winter. The prices have been adjusted and are really good buys.   If you plan to get your home sold thi...
How often do you think to clean your vent for the kitchen exhaust fan? I can remember a grease fire that was started in a vent that almost burned down an apartment building my dad owned. After it was inspected, they found out that it really did not even connect to the outside brick wall. All the ...
Question - Lizette, when the home inspector finished the inspection he asked why the listing agent might be hosting an open house since the property is pending and will close in a couple of weeks. What if it gets damaged? I'm not sure I want people walking through my house. Can we request that th...
I know you only think your mind might be a sponge...but have you ever thought that your home is one too? Take a good look around your house after you read this post by Charles Buell. Water can get in anywhere and set up shop. Water follows the easiest path. Sometimes the “easiest path” can be ov...
One of my clients that is now a dear friend wanted me to write about this because new buyers just don't know what really goes on behind the scenes with agents and their commissions. Dear Lizette, My wife and I are just now getting in the mood to look for a new home. After researching some on the ...
It's that time of year that there seem to be more and more houses fires than usual. Mostly because people are using old fireplaces that are never cleaned. Sometimes space heaters are used to warm cold rooms of a house. Leaving a burning candle near draperies and even Christmas lights cause fires....

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Real estate musings and Kentucky life in the fast lane even though time stands still here! I love to help people buy and sell Central Kentucky Real Estate

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