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Macomb County, MI, Metro Detroit, real estate, REALTOR® I enjoy working with home buyers in all areas of Macomb County MI, especially first time home buyers. Born and raised here in Michigan, I am familiar with all areas of Macomb County and St. Clair & Oakland counties.
A recent question on Trulia Q & A section has still been on my mind days after I replied to it.    The former home owner who asked the question was denied a short sale in which the lender wouldn't take $30,000 less for their home.  It was then foreclosed upon and sold for $116,000 less that what...
Last week I wrote about the average sales price during the 4th quarter of 2009 for residential sales in Macomb County MI.   I thought it would be interesting for those who are perhaps looking for a home to purchase in Macomb County, or those who are considering putting their homes on the market t...
As I read through the statistical reports for Macomb County yesterday and this morning I tried to get a feel for what I am seeing and analyzing. 2009 was indeed a tough year for home prices in the county as a whole, with the average sales price of a single family residential home plunging by 22....
I've heard it so often that I cringe each time I hear it from a potential home buyer: "So-and-so told me to never offer more than 50% of the list price" or some version of that sentence. My response?   If the homes list price is double what the market value is, then by all means an offer of 50% ...
People in Michigan who are attempting to participate in the Federal mortgage modification program are facing stressful times. Unfortunately, when people are in distress it tends to bring scam artists out of the woodwork. Most people that I have encountered over the last year are doing their best ...
This morning as I was sitting and reading blog articles I had so many thoughts pop in to my mind that I want to write about, that I'm anxious to write about, that I'm on the edge of my seat excited to write about, but I can't. I cannot bring myself to write about how wonderful I find working with...
Awesome video by Matt Stigliano about the first time home buyers tax credit.  Thank you to Matt for allowing this to be shared with all of you. Meet Frank and his agent, Sally. In trying to come up with a simple breakdown of the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, I thought that video would be the ...
One of the common misconceptions for home buyers (and some real estate professionals) is that the first time home buyers tax credit is $8000 for all buyers.  When reading the fine print of the IRS form 5405 there is an entry line to fill out asking for the smaller of 2 items:  $8000 or 10% of th...
Unless you live in Michigan, or one of the other hard hit by unemployment states, the signing of H.R. 3548 by President Obama yesterday probably was good news to you because of the extension to the first time home buyers tax credit. Here, in my local area, I'm cheering because there will be thou...
A bit of a twist to my home sales market report for October '09 in Macomb County MI: I thought it would be informative for home owners to see how home buyers in our area are purchasing their homes - is FHA still "king", or are cash buyers taking the lead? Macomb County had 917 residential homes ...

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