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Macomb County, MI, Metro Detroit, real estate, REALTOR® I enjoy working with home buyers in all areas of Macomb County MI, especially first time home buyers. Born and raised here in Michigan, I am familiar with all areas of Macomb County and St. Clair & Oakland counties.
    Over the last year or so I've conducted a loose survey.   (Rather, a question and answer session right from the get-go!) I've often touted the advantages to potential home buyers of having their own real estate agent to represent them instead of relying on the sellers agent.   (In Macomb Cou...
Wonderful news came out of my searching this morning for the homes sold in Macomb County MI during the month of September, 2008.  More homes sold this past month in comparison to the previous time period (September 2007)The total of homes  sold in Macomb County were up a whopping 49%.   Sales pri...
The good news for Chesterfield Township MI home owners:  More homes sold during the month of September this year than in the previous period (September of 2007)Sales prices were down once again, but I have a feeling that the data is a bit skewed due to the number of homes that were being leased. ...
I spotted this sign in a residential area of Chesterfield Township MI the other day and had to take a picture of it.     After going to the website that is listed on the sign (name and phone number removed by me) I discovered that it is for a company that is stating they will help people short-se...
                                                                                                                                                                                   **I thought long and hard about posting this as I normally don't toot my own horn.  (No throwing peanuts from the balc...
Fall is here and the brisk cool days are upon us.  What better way to spend part of a day than to walk or bike along the east side of Jefferson in Chesterfield Township?             The sign welcoming you to Chesterfield Township MI (also aptly called "The Gateway to Anchor Bay") sits right along...
...but there is a space for the social security number on the form!   There are 2 things that I love to write in on some of the forms that we all use:  N/A or will provide later.  Identity theft has been rampant during the last decade, and I do believe will continue to be a problem as long as the...
During a home inspection in Chesterfield Township MI the other day I decided to get over my fear of heights, and take photos of John Seely of WIN home inspections as he tackled investigating the roof.  (Psst, John, update your website :-)Once before I photographed John on the roof of a home, (in ...
For the record:   I live, work and play in the Motor City area.  I am not burying my head in the sand.   I do not live in a fantasy world and heck, I've never even been to Disney World.Guess what else I'm not doing?   I'm not running to the bank to take my cash out today.  I fully expect my trust...
Each morning I read Inman News and one of the contributors there, Benny Kass, always has good advice for consumers in his responses to consumer questions. Today there was a question from someone who asked how long they had to save old mortgage documents.  (They had re-financed several times)   Be...

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