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Macomb County, MI, Metro Detroit, real estate, REALTOR® I enjoy working with home buyers in all areas of Macomb County MI, especially first time home buyers. Born and raised here in Michigan, I am familiar with all areas of Macomb County and St. Clair & Oakland counties.
During my chat last week with Mike Caira of Great Lakes Mortgage Funding I asked what he had been seeing and experiencing in regards to FHA mortgages lately and the processes in underwriting the loans. One area that he brought up (along with the condition of the property part of the process) was ...
Try to imagine what a subdivision of these homes would look likein your neighborhood : An inventor named Buckminisiter Fuller started thinking about the design for thishome in the late 1920's, and in the years during WWII the US Army commissionedhim to build and send these homes to the Persian Gu...
Absolutely! An FHA appraiser is not a home inspector.  Yes, he or she will be conducting an on site viewing of the home and will note anything about the home that does not meet FHA guidelines however they are not as thorough as a home inspector.   Think of them as an appraiser with a check list -...
All of the talk in recent months (and media reports) have targeted the bank owned homes.   Because of the media attention given to the rise in foreclosure sales in our area, many private home owners have felt defeated before they have even started to sell their homes.I believe in being realistic ...
  Please join me in welcoming Don & Trish Schmitt to Michigan.In early September of 2008 I received a phone call from Don Schmitt and we had the first of many nice long chats.  He and his wife Trish were ready to relocate from their home of many years in Buffalo NY and come to Michigan to be clos...
When my children were growing up I had hoped that I would  teach them through example, and that they would learn what they needed to get through life from me. Today, they have become my teachers and I'm not too proud to admit it.  In fact, I'm darned proud that they are my mentors in ways that I ...
Poor Pitiful Lions.
One of my favorite columnists, John McCormick, wrote an interesting heart felt piece that has been published in the Detroit News.In it, he expresses the outrage and frustration that many citizens of the State of Michigan have been feeling towards the senators from other states.   He brought up so...
The year ahead is predicted to be another rough one for our economy and our profession.   No sugar coating that statement - I don't need to have a PhD in economics to know that our budgets will be strained and tightened even further.   Over the past year I have spent countless hours trying to be ...
As many of you know I recently moved my business to a new brokerage, Keller Williams Realty - Lakeside Market Center.   One of the reasons I chose this particular brokerage was because of the people that I've come to know there over the years, and the professionalism and dedication to the communi...

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