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Before you tell me it's not April and there are no races, it's OK, I know. April is a busy time of year. I may not post anything in April because the world of real estate will be as fast as the race track, so why not post about Texas Motor Speedway in the off season? Hey, it's my off season, too...
Have you seen the kid craze accessory? Silly Bands. Aka Silly Bandz. They are little rubber bracelets that, when taken off and laid down on a flat surface, form a shape, like an animal or object. My children have multiple sets of these bracelets and let me tell you, they can never have enough. I...
Tonight my friend attended a bachelorette auction. Yes, that's right. But it raised funds for a leukemia patient in need. I thought about it a minute and asked some questions. How much did the bachelorettes auction for? Who made the highest bid? How did that all go down? Auctions fascinate me. Es...
Last night I attended my old high school football game -- Keller High School. Awesome thing! I haven't been into loud crowds or wild sport events for many years now. I was a leader of school spirit in my youth and my husband played football -- offense and defense -- when Keller wasn't big enough ...
This week I laughed as my client sent me an email about his pool equipment. I couldn't help myself. It reminded me of me... suspicious little thing... and clever... and WOW! Love my clients! He contracted on a bank owned property a few weeks ago. He revisited it multiple times before closing. He ...
OK, so this is my pictureless blog post about pictures. I am talking about pictures to market a house. I am talking about the weird one's the bank wants like pictures of the street (vs. the house) and all the blemishes and in itty bitty cram packed size. I am talking about pictures consumers care...
Looking at my calendar in September is a lot of white space as compared to the mess I have annually in April. Right now I have a few days on the books with NO ZERO ZILCH outside appointments. Some of you may be booked to high heavens and some of you may experience a similar small lull this time o...
Sometimes clients need a reality check. That's OK! Because that's my job, right? Help the consumer gain knowledge that helps them make sound decisions about the real estate purchase or sale. So what kind of reality checks happened this week? Affordability. Budget. What kind of house you can get f...
Today a morning DJ brought up the first things a man notices about a woman when he first sees her... about 5 seconds he's got the smile (top of the list, was a little shocked and thought LIAR, but ok...) the hair, manicured or not, size, and all the typical other things.... same conversation toda...
This weekend as I prepare for another listing appointment, I am looking at this picture perfect home and hoping the new listing is just like this one. Let me tell you why. The home at 220 Flanigan Hill Drive located just off Whitley Road on the west side of Keller proper is beautiful from the cur...

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