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Warning -- bore factor. This weekend a couple of different people asked me the difference between a Realtor® and a Broker. I think what they are ultimately asking is the difference between a licensed Salesperson vs. a Realtor® vs. a Broker. While terms and definitions may be the most mind numbing...
Sometimes I show and sell a house in minutes only to return the morning before a buyer signs the dotted line (if that) and sometimes buyers want to go back to the scene of their deal a gazillion hours and a gazillion times. Today was the post repair/pre-closing walk through showing with mama and ...
Last week I had a lot of repair requests go wiggy on me. This week the saga continues. Why are repair requests so important? This is why... 1. Often times at the end of the day they will be lender required anyway. Just do it. 2. Often times it's not just a finicky buyer being a pain in the seller...
My parents grew up in a small west Texas town. When they wanted something to do on weekends, the kids would "Drag the Dixie Dog." That basically means drive around really slowly and socialize. My Sunday afternoons are much the same at my open houses. Nice and slow and easy... and the occasional p...
This week not once, but twice agents have called and said, "I'm sending you an offer," and do we tell our clients things like that? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Why don't we? Because we only tell them when that deal is sitting in our email or on our fax... not happening til it happens. People...
Another buyer, another inspection and another repair amendment request. The same ol'... Seller tries to resist, buyer is like, "terminate!" Seller comes back, "OK, never mind. My brother's uncle's friend can..." Why does everything have to come to a head? Just do the little nit picky things the b...
This weekend is a double header. Two newly remodeled houses hit the market in Euless. The one featured here is 1203 Crane Drive, Euless, TX 76039. The other one is 707 Brownstone around the corner. What is unique about these houses? In the older, more affordable neighborhoods of Trinity High Scho...
OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 8/15/2010 2-4 p.m. 707 Brownstone in Euless is a completely remodeled 3 bedroom home on a great grassy lot. The home is both adorable and affordable at $112,950. The home has new paint in and out, new floors including carpet and ceramic tile, and all new hardware and fixtures. I...
Today I feel like a kid in junior high who's buddy just said, "Hey, you just won something -- sike!" (We used to spell it that way in school, but I've already been informed other areas spell it the real way, so PSYCH!) I've been working two deals simultaneously. My client contracted on a home con...
Buying a home from a new home builder with the right representation in the buyer's corner is simpler than most buyers realize.  A buyer needs to know the same information going into negotiating a new home transaction as they do when buying a pre-owned home. Without a reputable REALTOR, trust me, ...

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