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In my market there are some agents who put the funniest things in the agent private remarks section of MLS, as well as in their feedback solicitations. I noted that and wondered if a sense of humor in ads helps sell homes. Does it help the showing agent feel biased towards showing and selling a l...
Today I noted how differently every consumer shops for housing. What do you pay attention to? Some buyers shop houses and don't go in the garage at all. Some don't ever go to the back yard. Some bring their flashlight so they can not only thoroughly inspect the garage, but every attic and crawl s...
This week I blogged about the use of cameras and security systems in a house I toured. I addressed the fact that showings should be private. Eyes and ears around are unnerving. Nonetheless, it's a property feature and part of the home, so it wasn't a complaint or ciriticism, really, as much as I ...
Several houses I viewed yesterday had sellers or tenants present during showings. That is one thing. Ick. Hate it. But today was a whole new thing. A house I viewed today had cameras all over the place. I'm not used to that. I found myself incredibly self conscious. Fortunately the person I was s...
What constitutes a "good deal?" This week a friend and client (a few times over) asked me what a certain property sold for in a certain area. My friend recently bought a lot there and she is interviewing builders and wanted to know a comp sale over there to compare her plans. The owner of the com...
Right now I'm in the middle of so many short sales I have more banks on speed dial than I have changes of clothes. Do you know how many minutes I waited on the last call before I actually spoke to someone with a pulse? 14 minutes. Now before every solicitor in town calls me salivating over the op...
Lemme hear you chant it... How low will you go? How low will you go? How low will you go? Just because it's a buyer's market doesn't mean buyers write the rules in the market. Houses have a market value. That value is what a willing seller will sell for and a willing buyer will buy for without an...
Just a block away from Bear Creek Park is a single family home listed for sale in the heart of Keller, Texas. Located on an over-sized quarter acre corner lot (approximately), this brick four bedroom home offers a move-in ready, clean and neat place to hang your hat. The exterior features include...
In my world fired can mean all kinds of things. My hubby is a firefighter, for one. I used to be a big fan of the reality T.V. show The Apprentice, but too much of a good thing means the show gets "fired" from my DVR and often times a consumer fires another agent to hire me or fires me and lists ...
Today I showed my brokerage listing located at 5521 Seabury Drive in N. Fort Worth and it went great. The only problem is the listing agent in my firm did receive another offer today and they are in the process of a negotiation. This is a win-win for me because the family I showed today actually ...

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