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This week I have more than one closing scheduled on my listings. As is every deal, these are unique. It occurred to me I had some of the best situations over the past few weeks related to these listing sales that I could possibly have. I would love to hear your success stories. These are my top 5...
If ever there was a house with a history, I am selling it. In fact, I would classify it more as infamy. See, I subscribe to a foreclosure list and my investors beat it down. They buy houses at the court house steps and they take on the biggest amount of risk imaginable. They even buy condemned ho...
Drew -- You wrote a great series of blogs here on short sales. I have a few short sales in the works right now and it is always hard to tell a client what is best for them. In fact, you can't tell them what is best for them. You just have to present the options and let them decide. ~KristenShort ...
I have a deal on one of my listings this week closing late because the lender, buyer daddy and buyer daughter are trying to make sure they get this tax credit thing straight. It made me think, geesh, talk about waiting 'til the last minute. The clock is ticking! And I wish I knew the answer... ho...
Thanks Karen Rittenhouse | | 336-834-0614 | for a great article on legislative bills that gravely affect consumers and the real estate market as a whole. Say something. My letter is in the mail...I just got back from D.C. where we were working...
This time of year is nice for several reasons. The grass is greener. My real estate market is busy. And the art festivals are in full swing! A few weeks ago I blogged that I love my day off. In that I basically said while we try to take a day off, at some point on my day off at an art festival si...
Not all home projects are actually improvements. Just because you like something a lot or you think something functions well for your lifestyle doesn't mean it actually adds value or gains more interest from buyers upon resale. If you're going for the improvement part of home improvement project,...
No, I don't help clients move. That would be a whole other business and whole other set of fees and insurance and all that jazz. Plus, I am physically incapable. I learned that today because I do help best friends from high school move from rotten situations -- last minute. This week started out ...
Today is a rainy Sunday full of puddles and muck. Bad things about showing on rainy days include the obvious like you can't have a nice hair day. The key boxes are not always conveniently located on the front door. Sometimes getting in the mud is necessary to get the key from the wet trees or bu...
Paula, you are smarter than the average bear and I want to share or reblog your thoughts with all I know...I CALLED THE GOLDMAN CHARGES IN ONE OF MY RECENT POSTS; THE WHOLE STORY FOLLOWS:  I wrote this post 3 weeks ago after seeing the tragic results of what the banks are now doing to troubled ho...

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