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Survival as Social versus Individual: An In-depth Look at the Drowned and the Saved Levi says the Lager was a “gigantic social experiment” A social experiment by definition says that it deals with how people relate to each other. One question that may be asked about this social experiment is whet...
Kort Linden Professor Rohit Chopra History and Society Foundation Section 1 Take-home Final Essay 5/02/08 Social Narrative & a Life Worth Living What is a narrative? The Oxford English dictionary defines a narrative as, “An account of a series of events, facts, etc., given in order and with the e...
I have always strove to be at the top of my class not because this was hugely important to me but because the top ten percent of students receive about ninety percent of academic and non-academic benefit in life. This ten percent rule is something I apply to most areas of my life. That is way I ...
Kort Linden The Middle East: People and Culture Professor Platt Autobiography-Hasidic Jews in Isreal 11/06/08 Two Sisters, Two Separate Worlds, One Choice My name is Ruti Kavensky. I am sixteen going on seventeen years old, and, apart from my father and brothers, I have never talked to a boy or m...
Kort Linden Business Law Professor Craig P. Ehrlich 10/29/07 Law and the Children Born of Technology Imagine a husband and wife, and the husband is dying of leukemia. Before undergoing radiation and subsequently dying, he preserves sperm for later use. After his death, the wife proceeds to have a...
For a young person, passion can be as frivolous as becoming a track star or as grandiose as curing cancer. Either way through “passion, great passion” any young person can break the dispassionate, unmotivated mold that defines the more recent generations. For many this passion starts after high s...
1. Why buy a bank owned home now? Has the market hit bottom? 2. How are you going to get a REAL STEAL on a bank owned home? 3. What if YOU don’t know how to or don’t want to fix-up a house? 4. How can you get your taxes REDUCED on the house you NOW own? 5. What’s the difference between a Bank Ow...

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