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You hear a lot these days about lower price, lower price, and lowest price as the only way to get a house sold. Here are 9 things you can do that will make your house stand out from the crowd, appeal to more potential buyers, and probably sell faster. None of them have anything to do with cutting...
It seems every time you pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV these days you're bombarded with news like "housing crisis", "financial crisis", "mortgage crisis", "foreclosure crisis", or "pick your crisis". The result of all these crises or in layman's terms, a great big mess is that it has creat...
.......................I want to thank you for inviting me over to look at your house and talk with you about selling it.   Before I get started talking about what I'm going to be doing to get your house sold as quickly as possible, let's take just a few minutes to talk about the things I'm not g...
The first full week of June turned out to be a fizzle for real estate transfers recorded at the Knox County Register of Deeds office, dropping to just 50 recorded transfers from a high of 187 back on April 12 of 2009. In fact I believe 50 is the worst week we’ve had thus far in 2009.   Here's a g...
With today's market I thought this previous post would be worth recycling. In our area we have a problem with this fungus/algae that grows on roofs and makes them look old and worn when actually an economical removal treatment can make them look almost new again. A huge part of getting buyers int...
FREE, what a great word; it's one of my favorites. Let's face it, almost everyone likes free stuff especially if it's real free stuff with no strings attached. One of the most popular pages on my website, is the "FREE STUFF" page. And one of the most popular free things I ...
This subject has come up recently on another forum I'm on so I thought it might be worth recycling this post from 2006. This may have happened to you. You have a client, buyer or seller, who signs up to do business with you. You do what they asked you to, sell their house or help them buy one, an...
Lots of potential homebuyers are currently eligible for an $8,000 tax credit if they buy a new or resale home before December 1st of 2009. So why the big deal over a credit; we've always had tax deductions haven't we? Yes but there is a major difference between a credit and a deduction. A tax ded...
Reading the weekly real estate transfers from the Knox County Register of Deeds office I see about the usual for the year number of property transfers recorded. This past week we had a total of 148   And as has been the case for 2009, mid to lower priced homes dominated the sales figures with the...
  The Knoxville area sales statistics are out now for the month of April. So what do the numbers look like compared to previous Aprils? Traditionally in April the spring sales season is humming right along with the birds and bees. Unfortunately the past few Aprils have seen more of a nosedive tha...

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