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This is definitely worht a reblog. I wonder why you have to write at least 25 words to be able to reblog a comment. This much be at least 25 words now so let's see if it works. ;)I have only been in real estate for about 10 years.  Our local Multiple Listing Service here in Massachusetts, in that...
Here's a couple of new free stuff aps that some may find useful. First is called "NudgeMail" which sends you email reminders when you want to be reminded of something, e.g. appointment, birthday, whatever. You can set your email to just send you an email reminder on the appropiate date and/or tim...
I hear this all the time too. If you're a serious buyer, e.g. really want to buy a home and really want a seller to take your offer seriously; get serious yourself and get preapproved by a competent, preferably local, mortgage lender. Typically there's no cost to you and you may get some pleasant...
I find it fun to explore hidden and little used roads, trails, and byways I come across. One cool road that has a lot to offer but gets very little use is Little Harbor Road near our home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.   Turn off Sagamore Avenue just past the South Street Cemetery onto Little Harb...
The first 3 months of 2011 are well past and in the record books now so we can start to get a picture of what the Portsmouth area real estate market looks like this year. The following graph is a comparison of the first quarters of each year for the past 10 years.   You can compare the above numb...
Ripped Off! Robbed! Plagiarized! Here's one solution. If that seems too extreme here's a couple of nifty tools you can use to catch crooks who lift your confent, whether it be your photos or words, and then try to pass them off as their own. I just discovered Tineye recently to catch photo crooks...
Have you ever seen one of those ideas that was so simple and yet so ingenious it made you mad you hadn't though of it yourself. WorkFlowy is on of those ideas. So simple, so elegant in it's simplicity, and so useful. Here's a video from the developer showing and telling how it works.       I have...
So now you have a Facebook business/fan page but when you post something on it you always showed up as whatever you named your page if you were an admin and most of us are. Happily Facebook has now made a change and you can post on your business page not only as the name of that page but also as ...
NOTE to literals, there really is an igloo but we don't have it listed for sale. FOR SALE: Newly constructed igloo, only the finest New Hampshire river ice was used in construction. Built by local craftsmen, 1 mason, 1 contractor, and 1 crane operator (he carried the ice blocks and operated the c...
Thank you so much for giving me added exposure for my listings at no additional cost to me. you really think putting a "Zestimate" (which by your own admission can be wrong by as much as 50%) that's over $46,000 below my list price is being helpful? And wha...


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