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It is that time of the year again.  NFL is in its Pre-Season.  All teams are undeafted.  All heartbreaks, disappointments, and failures are forgotten.  Players are rested and hungry.  Now I am not trying to make Superbowl predictions here but I have to say my Panthers looked pretty good.  Defensi...
Curious to know everyones' thoughts on this.  Obviously the markets have changed, obviously mortgage programs have changed and tightened up, and yes obviously there are some extra challenges out there - BUT the question begs to be answered:  ARE YOU DOING EVERYTHNG YOU SHOULD BE DOING TO MAINTAIN...
If you didn't know the answer YES IT IS!  How many problems do you think would be prevented or minimized if we ALL - Realtors, Mortgage People, Clients, and all other parties - COMMUNICATED?  Remember when you get a phone call return the call and when you get an email return the email.  Something...
Again - why was it we decided to make our lives so complicated? I did something this weekend that I have not done in a long time - I played.  No I was not on the golf course, club hopping or online playing some video game.  I spent the whole weekend playing with our 4 kids and I have to say - I a...
I was just reading about a situation a Realtor in TX has about a deal blowing up that was supposed to be closing Monday.  How many times do we hear about these nightmares?  Having been in this business for 11+ years I have heard of so many lame excuses from originators ofwhy deals do not close on...

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