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  I ran across this again today and am wondering: 1. Why they are wired this way. 2. Do they do this in other parts of the country. 3. How many of you have seen this also. The first time I saw this was about 7 years ago when I was inspecting a fairly new home and noticed the dishwasher was not po...
I performed an inspection yesterday on a early 1980s home and found overheating of the main service conductors in the main breaker panel due to no antioxidant paste to the aluminum conductors. As you can see, the left terminal has oxidized and caused enough resistance to cause it to get very hot ...
What good is a lock if it's not secure and properly installed? Here is a simple test to determine if your deadbolt is installed correctly. I inspect many homes where I find the deadbolts not installed correctly and make sure buyers are aware so it can be corrected. All you need is a marker such a...
I was inspecting a home today that was owned by an elderly widowed woman that passed away and her family was having to sell the house. I noticed that the house was full of all sorts of items that she kept instead of throwing away....old newspapers, boxes, many clothes hangers ect. She either was ...
I was driving along Vickery Blvd. in Fort Worth's west side yesterday and couldn't help but to stop in the Swiss Pastry Shop for a piece of their famous black forest cake. If you have never tried some, you owe it to yourself to do so! It has to be the most awesome desert I have ever had. My siste...
Here is a low cost way of removing wallpaper instead of buying those expensive wallpaper removers. I remodeled a kitchen last winter and it worked great. I used car windshield washer fluid. As with any wallpaper remover, you will need to score the paper with a wallpaper score tool. This pokes sma...
Here's a simple one that many of you may not have thought of. How many times have you needed an extra hand holding something and no one else was around, didn't have a vise or clamp? I have kept this on my workbench for years and use it all the time. All you need is a pair of pliers and a rubber b...
Here is a tip to help keep your glass shower doors clean and prevent those hard to remove water and soap stains. I do this about one a month and works great for me. Just take some car wax and wax the inside glass of the shower just like you would a car...apply, let dry and buff. That way, water ...
Something to think about. I was inspecting a house today and noticed something humorous....I'm sure the neighbors of the home didn't think so. This was a nice, quite neighborhood with lots of large trees.When I was inspecting the outside of the house, I kept hearing noise from the house across th...
I was doing a little painting today and thought I would pass along a little trick that I do to all new paint cans that I open. It only takes a minute and saves a lot of aggravation. Who hasn't tried to open a paint can that was previously opened after sitting a long time and the can's lid is glue...

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