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I've been in the mortgage business for just over 5 years now and I must say that the changes I've seen in the past few months are like none I've seen before.  Unfortunately for all of us, the wild and creative loan programs of the past few years which have helped fuel incredible appreciation in h...
Agentopolis February UpdateSent to Members only, February 20, 2007"Home Search" Now Allows Consumers to Search All Property Listings on Agentopolis by City, State, and Other Criteria.What this means is that if you have uploaded your property listings, they will now be found by consumers who are l...
First Home Guide is constantly working to simplify the home buying process. Our first time home buyer program is a simple 9 step home buying process.Determine your budget.The first step in any first time home buyer program should be to determine a monthly budget, income minus expenses and savings...
I'm wondering what kind of experience anyone has had with either of these two real estate agent marketing companies.  What are the pros and cons and costs of each.  I was suprised to see that Home Gain wants up to a35% broker referral fee.  Is that a good deal for real estate agents?
Check out It is a site devoted to the First Time Home Buyer that provides free resources and best of all, real estate agents can sign up and post their listings for free anywhere in the US.  The site also allows agents to post any First time Home Buyer seminars they are goi...
In a trouble market many lessons are learned or relearned.  One of the things that I've noticed lately that realtors and home sellers aren't paying attention to is what refinance options a home seller has when they take their home off the market.  Here are some mortgage lending facts for realtors...
There is a lot of hoopla about listings on the internet these days.  There are those that think the MLS should own that space on the internet but the challenge is that the MLS is a closed system and it doesn't show all available listings in every market.   I believe it is foolish to ever imagine ...
There is a great site out there that lets real estate agents post their listings for free.  It's called Agentopolis and you can find it at  They have pre-loaded the site with over 1 million real estate agents.  I was able to find my listing in about 60 seconds and the...

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