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I just read an article in Time Magazine that literally left me shocked.  I could not belive what I was reading.  I can't paste the entire article here in my blog, but I am going to take some key excerpts for you to read before clicking the link to the article at the bottom of this post. The artic...
   When we meet with a client, one of the many pieces of information we give them is a one page sheet titled "TIPS FOR A SMOOTH LOAN APPROVAL".  This is a list of helpful tips to ensure an effortless loan process.  These DO's and DON'T's will help avoid any delays with your loan approval. Because...
photo courtesy of Francesco Marino at   Great News!!!  The USDA program seems to be on the verge of securing new funding.  Investors who purchase USDA loans are now beginning to issue guidance on how to handle the loans in the meantime.  See below: "Fiscal Year 2010 Appropr...
One of the most frequent questions I get these days is "what is the future of the USDA program?  I hear they are out of funds?" While this is true, I have always felt that they feds would find a way to renew funding for the program very soon.  They can't allow such a powerful program to sit on th...
I wanted to take a moment to announce that the Silverdale Legacy Group office is now a Community Affiliate member of the Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League. Photo taken at Navy League Luncheon, 2/9/10
Just a few quick thoughts I wanted to get out to potential who may be wondering if now is the right time to pull the trigger on a new home purchase: 1.  The Fed's purchase program for Mortgage Backed securities will end on March 31st.  This will almost certainly result in higher interest rates fo...
photo courtesy of Francesco Marino at The rumors are already swirling that USDA could be running out of money to fund loans in the near future.  I received the following e-mail this morning: "Loan Officers, This message is to notify you that program funding for the single F...
"Please Hold for Mister Buffett" is the title of the current Business Week (March 8, 2010 issue, pg. 30) Magazine cover story.  The tag on the cover said "What's it like to have The Oracle as your biggest shareholder?  CEOs share the good and bad that comes with answering to Warren." I found one ...
A day late... but hopefully not a dollar short!  After posting my 2010 Interest Rate Forecast yesterday afternoon, I finally got around to reading the MMG Daily Market Update. Unfortunately, the final paragraph of the update totally conflicted with my theory of a cause and effect rise in mortgage...
People regularly ask me what I think will happen with mortgage rates in the future.  For the last several months I have answered that I believe rates will go up.  It's been difficult to explain all of the factors that go into that opinion, until last Friday. As I was logged into the Mortgage Mark...

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