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Your file has been ordered out, but your lender isn't sitting around waiting for the appraisal... Step 6.  File Processing and Pre-Underwriting - Once the file has been ordered out, your loan officer and his/her processor will continue working on your file to make sure that everything progresses ...
Step 5.  Ordering of Appraisal, Title, and Escrow - Once the inspection is complete and the decision to proceed has been confirmed, it is time for your Loan Officer to request your Appraisal, Title, and Escrow services. 5-a.  The Loan Officer will order the property appraisal on your behalf.  The...
You've been pre-approved, and you're Real Estate Agent has helped you make an offer on a new home.  It's time for your Home Inspection!   Step 4.  Home Inspection - Once you have a home under contract, we always recommend that you hire a licensed and bonded home inspector to inspect the property ...
  Step 3.  Home Search - You and your Real Estate agent are now ready to go and search for a home.  First-Time Homebuyers often wonder if they need to use a Real Estate Agent, especially if they have friends or relatives who they feel can guide them through the process. We always recommend workin...
Step 2.  Pre-approval- The 2nd step in the Home-buying process is Pre-approval.  This can be done along with your initial consultation, or it can be done at a later date. 2-a.  The first step toward pre-approval is to fill out a loan application.  This can usually be done either in person, over ...
Step 1. Initial Consultation - The first step in the process is to meet with a mortgage lender to discuss your goals and needs. This is a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered regarding financing and buying real estate. It is also the time where your lender will get to know more...
There is much agreement in the Real Estate circles that 2011 will be a year of increased homebuying. According to a recent article on, "In November (2010), the share of home purchases by first-time buyers surged to 37.2% from 34.4% the previous month, according to a monthly survey by ...

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