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My referrals however, are not real estate leads.  They are "Life Referrals."  Referrals to help make your life a little bit more fun.  The first is a wonderful book titled "A 1000 Places To See Before You Die: A Travelers Life List" by Patricia Schultz.  Most of you have probably heard of this bo...
As I write my posts, I always am very concerned if I am following my own advice.  I spend much of time trying to help others do more business and improve their lives.  But I have learned over the years that I get as much, if not more, out of my coaching sessions as do my clients.  Every time I th...
Good Morning Everyone!  I would like to share step #4 with you today of my 12 Steps to Living Well.  Remember, these 12 ideas can help you in any area of life, they're not exclusive to improving our real estate businesses.  Try these ideas on an area of your life that needs a little help, and I'm...
I'm back today writing about my 12 Steps to Living Well.  Have you thought about the first two steps?  I hope you've had a chance to take some time and ponder them.  Well, today I'm going to talk about Step#3, Define Your Short Term Goals.  But first, let me give you all 12 ideas once again.1.  D...
Here once again are my 12 Steps To Living Well.  These 12 ideas will help you improve any area of your life that is causing you pain, it could be a relationship, your business, your weight, it doesn't matter what the problem is, these 12 ideas can help you, if you put them into practice in the ar...
In these tough times we all can use a little bit of extra encouragement.  So where do you find it?  Your manager, your friends, co-workers, spouse, children?  Alright, alright stop laughing!  The ones closest to us can lift us back up once in awhile, but we need to have a better system than that....
The first exercise we do with every one of our clients is to ask them where the lead came from for every deal they did last year.  Unfortunately, most agents do not track every lead they produce.  Most of the time they're just thrilled to have a good lead.  But it is too important to your busines...
Hello Everyone!  My name is Kevin Bungert and I am the former broker and owner of two Century 21 offices here in Long Island, NY.  I have been a licensed Realtor since 1994.  I now own and operate a personal motivation and coaching company called Living Well Systems, Inc.  Since joining AR, I hav...

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