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A quick discussion of taking care of yourself and lowering your stress level! All the best!
A quick discussion of Andy Andrews' wonderful book, "The Travelers Gift." Enjoy! -Kevin
One of the hardest obstacles we must overcome to make our dreams happen, is to not worry what someone else might say or think. All the best! -Kevin
In our businesses and our lives, it is absolutely necessary for us to find which systems work for us! Not every system works for everyone, but it is up to us to find which ones do work for us! All the best until next time! -Kevin
In these difficult times, it's becoming harder and harder to stay positive. But I believe it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY if we are to make positive changes in our lives. So hang in there and keep at it! All the best until next time! -Kevin
Following our dreams and achieving our goals takes many strengths, two of them are Courage and Persistence! All the best until next time! -Kevin
That's an easy one!  "How's Business?"  Go ahead try it!  If you've been experiencing the same thing I have for the last couple of weeks, people are SICK AND TIRED OF TALKING ABOUT HOW BAD THE ECONOMY IS!   And it's not just lip service, people are actually getting really angry over all the discu...
One of the hardest things we must overcome to improve our lives and our businesses is to learn to forgive OURSELVES for our past mistakes. All the best until next time!
After reading a post here on AR about website traffic, it got me thinking about the TRUE lead source of all real estate transactions.  Do you know EXACTLY WHERE ALL YOUR LEADS CAME FROM THAT TURNED INTO A CLOSED TRANSACTION?  To be your most successful, it's very important to know where your busi...
I think we all can agree that these economic times are the worst we have ever seen in most of our life times.  There is bad news everywhere we turn.  I would dare to say most of our lives have changed in some way.  Whether it be by less income or by the loss of a job, we are feeling the pinch in ...

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