Working a block from Pike's is pretty cool.  There is always a lot of action down there.  Take a look at these beauties currently blooming.
Mike Cooper hails from Winchester, VA.  His passion is real estate and he started in 1992 as an investor.  Thanks for being part of the ActiveRain Family Mike! For your chance at getting highlighted, fill out the form here.
The results are in, it was a close one but the majority has chosen May 11-16th for our 2015 Spring MeetUp week.  Now comes the fun part, hosting!Hosting a MeetUp doesn't take much, anyone is welcome and able to host.  Each attendee is on their own for food and drink so you're basically picking a ...
Here's a peek inside our baby boy's nursery.  He's due June 19th and this mama is more than excited to meet him!  My family and friends surprised us with a finished nursery while we were away on a recent trip. I was so moved, these pics don't do it justice.
I'm happy to finally kick off our Get to Know series.  This series will allow us to dig a little deeper into our Rainer's worlds.  You'll see these pop up on our social channels and beyond.  First up, the lovely Anita Clark:  For your chance at being highlighted, fill out the form here.
It's about that time again Rainers!  We need to start thinking about our next round of MeetUps and figure out which week in May will work best for the community.Not sure what a MeetUp is?  It's an informal get together that any Rainer can host.  Usually a restaurant or bar for happy hour or lunch...
Lelani and I took a little Bday/Babymoon down the beautiful California coast last week.  The views were breathtaking!  What a treat for the soul. 
Recently I read an article on Momsomnia, your mind just won't shut off and this was apparent to me as I lie awake at 3 in the morning.  I'm blaming this 'yet another awesome side-effect of being pregnant'  on the fact that I forgot to rock my Yankees jacket this morning.   I am ecstatic that base...
Spencer Rascoff  hosted a lunchtime chat today with Brad Inman at Zillow Headquarters. It was nice to see Brad on the other side of an interview.   
With the first day of spring tomorrow, the tulips have begun to pop up in some yards and businesses,  I've mostly noticed daffodils but there are a few tulips out there too.  Each year Mount Vernon has an amazing tulip festival, I believe it's one of the top 10 in the world.  Just about 40 mins n...

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