Happy Valentine's Day to my loving AR Fam Bam!!  Baby George came over for dinner last night and I was helping him make his Valentines for all his buddies when I got sidetracked and decided to "cupid him up".Have a wonderful day, love one another!!
This week's KIF is brought to you by Loreena Yeo How long have you been in business?                                       I’ve been selling real estate since 2003. Began my journey part time and doing this full time in January 2007, started my own by July 2007. I probably waited 3 years too lon...
What a wonderful surprise this morning to wake up to the best infographic I've seen in awile.  Why you ask?  Because i recognize so many faces! Website Box put out the Top 99 Realtors® on Twitter according to followers, klout and regional influence.  Congratulations to all those AR members who ma...
I'm late on my entry to Stacey-Ann's Getting Healthy in the Rain contest but that's ok I don't need to officially enter but I do want to partake.  I've been so inspired by the entries thus far that I want to get outside my comfort zone and do something I definitely hadn't dreamed of a year ago. F...
Man, I started off my morning right by reading the recent entries to Stacey-Ann's Get Healthy in the 'Rain challenge.  You all are going to kick some serious ass!  Yes I said ass!! So many of you are looking to drop some lbs, get moving and will reduce health risks by doing so.  Whether you're ge...
My nephew George is growing up way too fast, he'll be a year already on March 3rd.  Time flies!! 
I'm SO excited to attend my very first Keller Williams Family Reunion in Dallas next month. Want to know why? Because I get to hug some of you or "yous" as they say on Long Island.  And not to mention spread the awesomeness of ActiveRain to new real estate pros who may not be partaking in our one...
This is the best way to create and maximize your outside blog.  If you happen to get stuck along the way, please reach out to support by calling 1-888-643-3837 or submitting a ticket to  Here's the quickest and easiest 7-step plan to setup and maximize your ActiveRain Outs...
This week's KIF is brought to you by Erica Ramus   How long have you been in business?                      I have been a Realtor® since January 2000 and broker since January 2004. I started with a big franchise and opened my own place in 2007. I have never looked back! What outfit do you own th...
Not to get all C&C Music Factory on you but a few tidbits have stopped me in my tracks and tickled my interest. Allow me to share a few: Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media networkYes, 3rd!  I knew Pinterest was gaining momentum and doing it fast but wow!  Facebook and Twitter are 1st ...

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