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For the average homeowner, California’s Long Foreclosure Process is a tangled web. It's woven with mistrust, misreporting and misinformation. Once a homeowner falls into foreclosure, the eviction rarely happens right away. It may take years before delinquent borrowers finally have to turn over th...
I am launching a new blog site. I have great content relative to our local real estate market. I do not want to monitor responses to my blog posts. In your opinion, will the blog be as successful without allowing visitors to add coments?
I am helping fellow real estate agents get tech savy by teaching a class on blogging. I will use this post as an example. If any realtors have testimonials about blogging leading to success in generating leads and sales, it would be appreciated if you would post a word or two on this subject. Tha...
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This blog is to help the general populace educate themselves and share their experiences in the real estate marketplace of Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties.