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Alan Greenspan is the former Fed. chairman and someone that knows more about United States economy than anyone in the world. I tend to agree with him that 2009 will see the floor of this market and establish a baseline to absorb the extra homes and turn the corner.  Also, it does not matter who w...
If you are one of the people in America that has not seen "Dark Knight" yet, do yourself a favor and check it out on the IMAX  screen.  They have extended features included and it is very good.   We have one located at World Golf Village, south of Jacksonville.  If you have seen it at the regular...
Ever wonder how much money you need to have put aside to buy the home you’ve been driving byand dreaming about for the last month? Afraid you don’t have enough? Well, many factors contributeto the decision making process of what type of down payment you should make on a home.Let’s look at a few.I...
These are the kind of homes that some companies try to sell to buyers on how to buy a home for 500 dollars. Buying cheap homes on late night TV comes to mind.  Even though the minimum bid is 1,000 dollars, this home should sell for more, sight unseen of course.  As I do not live in Atlanta. These...
Click on link below to take yo uto FHA site.   Some of your clients could have a refund they do not know about.  This will make you look very good finding them some "free money". FHA Homeowners Fact Sheet     Who may be eligible for an FHA refund or share? Premium Refund: You may be eligible for ...
Effective July 14, 2008, FHA will implement a risk based premium policy for its mortgage insurance (MI) on 1 to 4 unit single family mortgages. The premiums will vary slightly based on the term of the loan (i.e. 30Yr versus 15Yr), so for the purposes of this post, we have focused on the single fa...
It is difficult to find a parking spot at Mickler's when you go to the beach. It looks like they are working on some options.    
Long article, but a good overall read on how the USA became a debt nation.
Need to market to this niche.... They are not your subprime buyer.

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